Table Dancing

I want our wedding guests to dance.

I NEED them to dance.

So I’ve put a lot of things in place to get people moving.

First, we’ll offer all the traditional goodies like the generation dance, the dollar dances, group dance favorites like “The Cupid Shuffle,” “Cha Cha Slide,” and “The Wobble.” However, we will also incorporate another way of ensuring tables get up to get down.

On the back of our table numbers (which will be held by the famous white Ikea Tolsby frames that so many have used before me!) there will be a song title that was picked SPECIFICALLY for that table and the guests sitting there. When the DJ plays that track he will also announce that it’s that table’s turn to bust a move. And then, if it’s at all possible at that moment, Mr. Orchard and I will go over to help them get started. Most of our friends and family are more than willing to be silly, but we may have a few shy tables that need help getting started. Of course, anyone else can join that table on the dance floor, too!

With 150ish guests invited, sitting 12 per long rectangular table, we figure we’ll need about 13 songs. I tried to choose songs we’d like hearing anyway or songs that have a special meaning for us and that group.

For example…

I work at a retail store that plays a lot of cheesy ’80s music (nothing wrong with that), but two of the store favorites are “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car” by Danny Ocean and “U Got the Look” by Prince. Whenever they come on we all sing along and dance around the sales floor (unless there are customers present”¦then we have to behave) like it’s 1985. You can bet one of those songs will pop up on their table!

I have a lot of teacher friends who will be in attendance. Their table will feature a song like “ABC” by The Jackson 5 or “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen.

My cousins from Aunt G’s side will appreciate some ridiculous over-the-top pop song, like “Motownphilly,” which was Cousin M’s ringtone for quite some time!

I like the element of fun and surprise, and I hope our tables will quickly figure out why we chose certain songs for them. Hopefully it will be a good ice-breaker if nothing else!

What are you doing to ensure your guests get moving at your wedding?


Mrs. Orchard

Morgantown, WV
Wedding Date:
November 2013
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  1. Member
    daniellekira 573 posts, Busy bee @ 2:49 pm

    I love to dance, so I would be up for this. Some of my guests would not be up for it, but I think it is a good idea.

  2. genie Bee
    genie 723 posts, Busy bee @ 3:59 pm

    I seriously love this idea. I echo what Mrs. Wallaby said. I pretty much told everyone they had to dance when I had a chance to talk to them. It worked! So did the unlimited amount of beer and wine. Haha

  3. Member
    SarahCF 559 posts, Busy bee @ 4:25 pm

    yeah the way you’re doing it sounds fun. The way you described it doesn’t sound uncomfortable, just encouraging.

  4. potion Bee
    potion 223 posts, Helper bee @ 5:14 pm

    This is SUCH a clever idea, I love it! None of my tricks to get my guests to dance worked, unfortunately…probably because there was a TV available on the 2nd floor that was showing the Alabama football game…

  5. orchard Bee
    orchard 72 posts, Worker bee @ 5:21 pm

    @Mrs. Potion: argh! There’s a home WVU game the day of our wedding too against Texas. We’ve gotten a lot of guff about that but what can you do? We’ll have our DJ announce scores!

  6. Hostess
    Gemstone 22135 posts, Honey Beekeeper @ 6:19 am

    We were lucky (and surprised) that a ton of our guests danced, even though we blacklisted ALL group dances. No Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle for us! I LOVE the idea of a song for each table though. I’ve been to dozens of weddings and have never seen that done!

  7. camel Bee
    camel 703 posts, Busy bee @ 6:28 am

    Here’s how our party got started: a party catalyst. Do you have any friends that are crazy charismatic and tons of fun? Enlist them to get on the dance floor first and invite others. My two stepbrothers, who are fun-loving party frat boys got our entire party started and kept it going all night. I never asked them to fulfill this task, but they did such an awesome job keeping the energy up and everyone kept asking who those two guys were stirring up the party!

  8. Member
    jessc4343 219 posts, Helper bee @ 8:17 am

    In my mind your idea played out a lot differently (and awkwardly) until I remembered you said the songs would be sprinkled throughout the evening. I think it sounds like you’re on the right track to get engage with your guests and their sweet moves 😉

    @kecoppedge: I didn’t even know a slow version existed; thank you so much for mentioning this!!

  9. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:04 pm

    I think this sounds like a fun way to encourage people
    To get up and bust a move 🙂

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