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We’re looking for stylish, smart, and creative brides, bridesmaids, and grooms to join the Weddingbee team! :)

Because we have very few slots for new bloggers, please try to keep in mind we’re looking for diverse bloggers that:

  • have a great writing style or voice
  • have a great sense of style
  • will update frequently (average 3-4 times a week)
  • love to share ideas, research, DIY projects, and planning details
  • will share pictures of the wedding day, vendor reviews, honeymoon reviews, etc.

To apply:

1) You must have less than 8 months to your wedding date. Please note that we have a committee that reviews all applications, so it may take longer than a month for you to receive a response.  We may also follow your blog for a couple of weeks to gauge posting frequency.

2) You must have wedding related posts on your blog, not just a personal blog or a wedding website, unless you use your wedding website to blog on. It’s easy to set a blog up for free on sites such as xanga, blogger, or livejournal, but you can use any service or program you like.

3) Please read our blogging guidelines to find out what what we’re looking for in a bee before you apply. Once you’ve set up your blog—or if you already have one—write on it exactly as if you were writing for Weddingbee for at least 2 weeks/15 entries. This way you can get a feel for blogging for an audience, we can get a feel for your aesthetic and writing style/voice, and we can both see if it’s a good fit.

4) After you’ve blogged regularly for 2 weeks or have at least 15 entries, complete the following application and email it to: wannabee at

5) You should receive an auto-reply that confirms we received your application. If you do not receive this email, please please email the application and an explanation of the problem to info at

While we would love to accept everyone who applies, unfortunately we receive many applications and have very few slots. icon_sad.gif Please note that only about 5% of applicants (or 2-3 bees/month) eventually become bees, but either way you will receive a response.  If we don’t accept your application, you’re welcome to reapply after 4 weeks.

Personal Information

  1. Name:
  2. Weddingbee Username:
  3. Wedding Date:
  4. Today’s Date:
  5. Date of Birth:
  6. Email Address:
  7. Ethnicity:
  8. Occupation:
  9. Wedding Budget:
  10. Is this your first time applying to be a bee? Yes/No
  11. Fiance’s Name:
  12. Fiance’s Date of Birth:
  13. Fiance’s Ethnicity:
  14. Fiance’s Occupation:
  15. Engagement Date:
  16. City/State:
  17. Telephone Number:
  18. Number of Guests:
  19. Venue:

1. Please provide a link to your wedding blog and bio if you have one.

2. Please describe details of the wedding you are planning including religious ceremonies, cultural ceremonies, etc.

3. Why do you want to be a Weddingbee blogger?

4. How long have you been blogging?

5. Will you commit to blogging an average of 3-4 times a week?  If not, please reconsider applying as updating frequently is an essential part of being a bee.

6. Are you willing to post photos of yourself and your wedding?

7. Do you work in or plan to work in the wedding industry?

8. Do you blog for any other wedding sites?

9. Please provide the names of the vendors you have booked to date.

10. Any additional information you’d like to provide about yourself and your fiance?

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