7 Bad Reasons to Cancel Your Elopement

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Eloping is a beautiful choice. Some would argue an even better choice than having the huge crazy ceremony with hundreds of people. Eloping means you don’t have to do all the crazy planning, deal with the RSVP’s, and come up with all that money. There are some really good reasons to elope so why would those who’ve chosen to do so back out last minute? Did they get cold feet on their choice or did the idea of a big wedding come back to haunt them? If you’ve decided to elope, there may be a few things weighing on your mind and you may be wondering if you made the right decision. While there are some good reasons to change your mind, here are some bad reasons to back out on the elopement.

Family Pressure

One of the worst reasons to cancel your elopement is because your family has guilt tripped you out of your choice. Those are the key words: your choice. You chose to do an elopement and you obviously had some good reasons for doing so. Maybe money was a factor. Maybe you’re just the kind of couple that doesn’t like a ton of eyes on them. Maybe you just like the idea of traveling for your wedding. It doesn’t matter what your reasons were, any reason is better than doing something purely because you feel guilty.

It’s a different story if your family brings up some good points and helps you to realize you actually do want a big wedding. But tread carefully! Your family knows you best and they may know how to undermine your confidence. If you really want to elope, don’t let your family talk you out of it because they want you to have a big wedding. Unless they only have your interests at heart, just smile, nod, and kindly ignore. Then have the elopement of your dreams.

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Not Enough Planning Time

You’re not having the big ceremony, so you want everything in your elopement to be perfect. If you overload your elopement expectations, you may feel like you don’t have enough time to make it happen so you might as well just cancel it. The best thing about eloping is that you don’t have to plan as much. If you try to do too much, you’re making things way harder than they need to be. Don’t cancel your elopement to plan some more. If you find that you truly do want to plan more, make sure an elopement is what you want in the first place. If you really do want to elope don’t get so crazy with it that you end up short on time.

Timing is Off

Speaking of time, canceling your elopement because of scheduling conflicts is crazy because an elopement can happen at almost any time. It’s a short event that can be done in a couple hours or less. Depending on whether you’re just going down to the court house or making your way across the world to elope, the scheduling may be easier or harder. No matter what, your eloping dreams shouldn’t be deferred because the timing is a bit tricky. Make time for your elopement. You would make time for a big wedding so why should an elopement be any different?

Other People’s Plans

You may be struggling to schedule your elopement because of other people’s conflicts. Some elopements include a small group of essential people like parents and best friends. Hopefully these critical people can make some time in their schedules to accommodate you. If they absolutely can’t make a date work, decide whether their presence is essential. No matter what, you shouldn’t cancel just because someone can’t come. Part of the reason people elope is to avoid this kind of issue. Don’t let people’s scheduling conflicts get in the way of your happy day.

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Other People Are Getting Married

Some people believe you can’t get married when a bunch of other people you know are getting married around the same time. Don’t believe them. Especially when you’re getting eloped, your marriage is not a distraction or interruption. Joy should just add to joy. If others have a problem with you getting eloped in the same year or month as them, they need to get over it.

Keeping up with the Joneses

So you were all ready to have your elopement, but then you saw your friend’s wedding. Now you feel like you should spend the big bucks and have a huge wedding too. Try not to let this kind of thing affect you. We all fall prey to keeping up with our friends sometimes, don’t let your wedding be a part of your wish you keep up with the Joneses.

Can’t Agree on a Locale

You know you want to elope somewhere fantastic, but you don’t know where. Worse yet, you and your partner can’t agree on any ideas you do have. Don’t worry about this too much. Does it really matter where you elope? If you think yes, then does it matter more than you getting eloped at all? Don’t let something as small as locale get you down. There has to be somewhere you both like and worst comes to worst, you can always go to the courthouse.

There are so many factors that go into planning a wedding. Even though eloping cuts back on a lot of those planning requirements, it can still be stressful. Don’t get too into your head about it. Eloping can be stress-free if you roll with the punches and don’t let the annoying parts get you off track. Remember that you and your partner want nothing more than to get married. Let that drive you through the guilt trips and the scheduling issues.

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