Giving Away His Little Girl: What Your Dad May be Feeling

A father daughter dance at a wedding

Father of the Bride is an iconic movie about a dad giving away his little girl on her wedding day. Steve Martin plays the dad, an everyday guy that simply loves his daughter with all his heart and wants the best for her, but doesn’t ever want to “give her away.” It’s probably the same way most fathers feel on their baby girl’s wedding day. Give your dad a break because he’s got a lot of feelings, even if he’s a tough manly man.

Daddy’s Little Girl

I didn’t even want to break the news to my dad that I was getting married. I’m sure he knew it was coming as I’d been with my now-husband for five years. I knew somewhere in his mind he understood I was a grown woman and ready to begin this next chapter of life, but I also knew he still saw me as the little girl twirling around in the front yard in her tutu. I knew the road ahead would be filled with tears from both of us as our bond changed just a little. It didn’t mean I was no longer his little girl, it just meant his little girl was sprouting wings.

A lonely father looking out the window

Feeling Lonely

Dads get left out a lot on the actual wedding day because the morning is usually stuffed with all the women drinking mimosas and getting pretty. Men aren’t exactly welcome into the hen fest so the dad usually finds his way over to the groom’s area to have a beer and chill out. If he doesn’t feel like partying with his future son-in-law, a dad might even be found taking a nap in his hotel room or watching a little golf. He wants to let his daughter enjoy the day without interfering, but secretly wonders what the girls are doing all day. If he’s sentimental, a dad may sit and watch old home videos of his little girl and wonder just when she grew up. He may look through old scrapbooks and have a little moment o himself. Other dads may take in a round of golf and just keep busy until it’s his time to get ready.

The Future Son-In-Law

Your future husband may be the most perfect, sweet, smart man anyone has ever met, but your dad may still see him as the devil in disguise. Anyone swooping in to take away his little girl is an eagle looking for prey. Your dad probably deep down loves this guy and respects all he does for his little girl. He probably couldn’t dream up a better man, but he might never admit that. Oh, of course, there’s daughters that marry a really sketchy guy that everyone hates and knows won’t work out, but overall most daughters don’t fall for these types of guys to marry. Your dad may make comments about your future husband and even rag on his entire family. He might not budge on the fact someone else is number one in your life. Just smile and give him more love. He just needs hugs and reassurance that he’ll always hold a special place in your heart.

Father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding

The Tux

Most dads don’t enjoy getting all dressed up in a rented tuxedo. The shoes are too tight, the tie doesn’t fit right and they would much rather be wearing their favorite old faded t-shirt. The truth of the matter is they get dressed up in that tux and look like a king because their little princess is walking down the aisle and that’s what she wants. My dad is an oilfield man that only gets dressed up for church and funerals. I smiled from ear-to-ear to see him wearing his fancy tux. I felt bad for him as he walked in those uncomfortable penguin shoes. He never complained even though I knew he hated every moment. One of the funniest parts of the night is when I looked over during the reception, close to the end of the party, and my dad had returned from his hotel room without his tux. He was now in his t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes at my formal reception. I laughed because I knew he was much more comfortable and he could care less to be standing next to someone in their formal attire.

Walking Her Down the Aisle

Think of this moment from the perspective of a dad about to give away his daughter to another man. He sees her as she walks towards him before they take the walk together down the aisle. She looks more beautiful than she ever has in her life. It’s not just the outer beauty of the dress and hair, but the radiance that shines all around her as she beams. All a dad can do is melt. He knows in seconds he is going to take her hand and place it in another man’s hand. Tears fill his eyes and he shakes as he takes her arm to walk this journey down the aisle. In all reality he isn’t actually giving her away. It’s traditional, yes, to say the dad gives away his daughter to another man whom will take care of her and love her beyond measure. But your dad never really gives up these things. He will always take care of you in some way and always love you beyond measure.

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