He Said the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time, and Now I’m Heartbroken

A couple upset at each other, sitting on a bed

The worst thing about saying something you don’t mean is once the words are out of your mouth, you can’t take them back. If your significant other says the wrong thing at the wrong time leaving you heartbroken, it’s going to take a lot of effort to put those words in the past. The good news is that true love means learning to love unconditionally and working through the tough times together.

You Can’t Take the Words Back

Most of us have been there. You were arguing when some of the worst thoughts you’ve ever had about your significant other go through your head. Sometimes you can bite your tongue, other times you just can’t let it go. He said something that wounds you to the core, something that you don’t even have a response to—other than just staring at him or bursting out crying.

A couple argues in their living room

He might suddenly say that he didn’t mean it, but if he said it, he meant it. We speak the truth when we’re under pressure, and sometimes we say things we don’t mean to say. There’s no way he said those things just to be hurtful to you. He said it and he meant it, so start with that fact and try to work toward resolving the issue together.

You’re Hurt, but You Should Discuss It Anyway

You’re heartbroken, but you have to talk through the issue. You have to talk about the difficult issues because they had to be bothering him if he spoke the words he did. Even if something was buried inside for years and he suddenly brought it up, it’s there in the back of his mind. In order to move forward in your relationship, you have to work through this conflict. Dig deep and communicate together. Talk about your heartbreak and how much those words hurt you.

Change Your Communication Style

He has to understand he can’t just say whatever he wants at the worst possible times. If you’re going to talk about difficult issues in the future, make sure he realizes it shouldn’t be done at the wrong time. The issues need to be brought to the table in a non-confrontational way when you both can talk through them.

A couple upset at each other

Work Through the Hurt Feelings

Love is hard. He’s going to say things that hurt you to the core. He’s going to say things that make you want to leave him. The reality is that there isn’t anyone out there who will never hurt you. It doesn’t mean he set out to hurt you or would ever mean to hurt you during an argument, but it will probably happen again. Love is about being truthful and getting through things together. Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Open those lines of communication so those hurtful words don’t happen again. Getting hurt happens to everyone once in a while, but being heartbroken shouldn’t happen on a regular basis.

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