How to Involve the Kids in Your Engagement

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Already having kids in the mix of your relationship brings a lot of new challenges to the table. They also bring a lot of excitement and joy to the journey with your significant other. One great thing about this new journey is it’s not only about the two of you getting married, but also about creating a new family unit. It can be tough to include the kids in the engagement and wedding planning, but it’s important to do for their sense of security and confidence.

Here are a few ways to include the kids in this exciting time.

Help with the Proposal

Helping with the proposal will create a memory that everyone will remember forever. The kids can even come up with fun, sweet ways to ask your significant other. They can wear shirts with “Will You Marry Me?” printed on them or present the ring after dinner in a funny way. You can set up a skit with the special question at the end. Include them in all the planning so that they feel involved.

They can write a special poem or letter to include with the proposal. Let their imaginations run wild and free. Kids have innocent minds, so they bring a whole new outlook to the table when it comes to proposals. Remember, it’s not just the two of you getting married, but the entire family, so the question is being asked to every family member.

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Family Date Night

It’s important for the future bride and groom to get nights away on a date during the stress of the wedding planning process, but it’s even more fun to include the entire family. Family date nights while you’re engaged gets everyone pumped for the wedding and lets you really know how family life is going to be in the future. Enjoy a night out as a family, incorporating the kids into all you do. Go to dinner and talk about the future wedding.

Talk about the exciting journey ahead, allowing them to provide their own insights in order to feel totally included. Go to a kid-friendly movie, so they feel like they’re in control of the fun date night. It might be hard for them as all the planning is going on, and they might feel a little left out, so let them decide what all of you do on your date night.

Wedding Planning

Let them in on plans for the wedding. No, they probably won’t decide on the photographer or caterer, but they can make small decisions. Ask the kids what they think about decorations or what they might want to add. They may say something silly, but it might end up being really cute.

Make them feel included by asking for help picking out decorations or choosing invitation styles. You are the ones getting married, but it’s important to include all of the future family. This might be a huge change in their life, so they need to feel secure in knowing they’re included in every way, even if it sounds silly. If they want to decorate the head table with a teddy bear, let them set that teddy bear in a seat and just smile. Love is in the small details anyway.

Engagement Photos

Your engagement photos are special and memorable. You want framed photos of the two of you laughing or gazing into each other’s eyes. A great thing to add is the smile of your kids. Let the kids join some of the photos and create new memories together. These can be the first true family photos in your home. Let them do silly things, tickle them ,and just have fun. Letting them in on this special moment gives them confidence in this new family and lets them just cut loose and have fun. If they want to do a few photos with just their mom or dad, let them do that as well.

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Party Time

Many newly-engaged couples are celebrated with a party. Everyone comes together with their congratulations. It’s a great idea to include the kids in this party. Bring loved ones together to celebrate the new family and make the kids included in every way. Don’t just decorate for the adults. Have fun kiddie drinks so it’s not all about beer and champagne. Make a special toast that includes the kids so they feel the excitement of the engagement. If people bring gifts to your engagement party, tell them to bring some for the kids as well. If you have games, have some fun ones that include kids. It’s also a great idea to tell people to bring their kids so that there are people of all ages.

Make a Craft

Kids love to express their emotions through crafting. Ask them to paint a picture or draw a design of what they are feeling and how they think life is going to change. They can even draw their new family. Ask them to write a few sentences about what they feel about the engagement. They may have so much to say, but not really know how to express it, except through arts and crafts. Hang up the art in your new house together.

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