How to Show Your Mom You Care During Wedding Planning

A mom and daughter sitting in a wedding dress shop bonding.

Your mom is such an important part of your wedding planning process. If you want to show her your appreciation while still ticking everything off the to-do list, here are a few great options. And even if you and your mom aren’t exceptionally close, bringing her along for one or two of these events will really go a long way toward making the wedding feel like a positive experience for everyone involved.

Take Her Dress Shopping

Dress shopping with your girlfriends may be what you’ve always had in mind, but a mother loves the chance to dote on her daughter as she looks at gowns and tries them on. Even if you don’t want to make the final decision on the shopping trip with your mom, try to visit at least one bridal shop together. Your mom will get an idea of the look you are going for and will be more excited when you say “yes” to the perfect dress because she was part of the process. Side note: lots of moms also have amazing taste in dresses, so she might just be the best advice you could get.

Ask Her to Tell the Story of Her Wedding

A mom and daughter bonding over coffee.

If your mom is or has been married, she probably has some great stories from her own experience that she could share with you. Whether you’re interested in her memories or advice, the more you ask, the closer you and your mom will feel. The chance to tell you all her own stories can be a bonding moment before you introduce the way you want your wedding to be. Often, moms will see that they aren’t the same person you are and will respect the decision you make that were different than her own. As long as you make her feel valued and that her input still matters, honoring her experience can be the first step to her honoring yours.

Bring Her to the Cake Tasting

Often, couples choose to do the cake testing together (a very popular part of planning for grooms!), but if your hubs-to-be isn’t available, taking your mom is a great idea! After all, she probably shaped your taste buds as a person, so you might actually have similar tastes in wedding cake. Also, it is a time-honored tradition for mothers and daughters to bond over dessert, so it can be a fun way to chat and take in some sugar together.

Look at Vendor Websites Together

A young woman online shopping with her mom on a couch.

If you are early on in the wedding planning process, you’re probably knee-deep in vendor websites as you try to figure out what flowers, caterer, venue, and hair stylist to use. Moms may not be able to wave a magic wand and make all the decisions, but having your mom over for a glass of wine and letting her weigh in on different options will save you the stress of having to make these decisions alone—especially if your finacé isn’t that interested in wedding planning. If she’s nearby, this works particularly well, but a Skype or FaceTime chat with mom can also be helpful.

Work Together on Some DIY Projects

Making crafty favors or decorations takes a lot longer than it looks, but with two or more people, the work gets done much quicker. If you have sisters, consider having them and your mom over for a craft day or evening. Provide them with food and drinks, of course, but focus the time on getting some wedding crafts done. You’ll be glad you did, and you and your mom will get even more bonding time together before the big day.

Get Her a Sweet Thank You Card

A young woman giving her mom a card and gift.

If your parents are helping to pay for the wedding, they deserve a nice card and, if you want, maybe a thoughtful gift as well. They are surely pleased as punch to see you getting married, but knowing that you appreciate them and recognize their hard work really will make your parents’ day.

With these strategies or sweet gestures of your own, you can get important parts of your wedding planning done while also showing your mom a lot of attention and care during a time when you are otherwise probably a very busy person. This effort will help as you continue your adult lives together, hopefully growing closer and closer.

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