Problems With Pets at Your Wedding and How to Fix Them

Bride and groom with dogs

For a lot of couples, having their pet in their wedding is an important part of their special day. In fact, more and more people are choosing to involve their fur-babies in their ceremony and the reception.

However, pets at your wedding can present a number of complications. It’s important you take the time to consider those potential problems and how to fix them. As cute as it is to a dog or cat in a tuxedo, there are other things to think about to make sure your wedding day run smoothly for you, your guests, and the animal.

Pet-Friendly Venues

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Whether or not to include your furry best friend in the wedding needs to be considered from the very first stages of planning. Many churches, venues and other buildings might not allow pets inside, so you might have to do some digging to find spaces that allow animals.

Most outdoor venues will likely be okay with animals, but even still, you should still check with the venue coordinator first just to be safe.

Organizing the Day

A dog, cat, bird, etc. will have to be treated like a separate VIP member of the wedding party. They will need their own transportation, care, and grooming throughout the day, especially if you want them done up with cute bows or other accessories. You also have to have someone handle them during the photo session, the reception, and in-between each location. Chances are, you’ll have your hands full enough as it is without taking care of your beloved pet.

A lot of people might choose just to have their animal at the ceremony, and then send them home before the reception. That way they can still involve their friend, but don’t have to worry about as much extra work.

Pet Safety and Comfort

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Pet safety should be your number one priority they are your wedding. It’s going to be a long, busy day, but remind yourself to offer them plenty of water and food throughout the day. Additionally, a lot of people choose to dress their pets up for the ceremony and photo shoot. However, don’t choose style over comfort when it comes to your furry friend. Make sure whatever outfit or accessory you have picked out for them fits comfortably and it is in no way a hazard.

There are less obvious other things to consider when it comes to pet safety at the party. There are bound to be a lot of people there, people they aren’t familiar with. This can cause a great deal of anxiety for some animals, so keep in mind your pet’s personality and what they can handle.

Flowers and food are wedding staples, but don’t forget that some things are lethal to your pets! Lilies in particular should be avoided at all costs are they are deadly to both cats and cogs if ingested, but make sure to do your research on anything you’re decorating with or serving at the reception that can put your animals at risk.

Guest Allergies

While you want to ensure your pet is safe at your wedding, you should also make sure that your guests are safe and comfortable, too. Some people might be allergic to certain animals or even afraid of them, so if you’re set on having your pet attend, make sure you inform your guests way ahead of time. You can do this by putting it in the invitation, or releasing an announcement later on. If you have a website for your wedding, that is also another perfect way to warn anyone with allergies or fears.

Pet Sitter

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It’s a good idea to assign someone to handle your pet during the ceremony and/or reception. The couple-to-be will most likely not have much time to actually spend watching their animals during the day since they’ll be extremely busy—and so will their wedding party. Whoever is trusted to be the handler should be someone the animal knows and is comfortable with, but also isn’t going to be occupied with other wedding tasks.

Rehearse Ahead

The best way to see not only if your pet can handle it, but to also avoid problems on the day of, is to include them in the rehearsal. This is especially true if you want your pet to walk down the aisle with someone. Either way, you should familiarize them with the venue and the people involved, such as the wedding party and the photographer, so they’ll be more comfortable.


Weddings are very exciting! Especially for pets who aren’t used to being surrounded by so many people for so long. And a lot can happen, so be patient with them. Be understanding if they don’t behave exactly how you expected or wanted. And if it gets to be too much, allow someone to take them home to relax.

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