Stories from the Hive: The Moment You Knew They Were “The One”

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When did you know that your significant other was “The One?” Sometimes you know right away, and sometimes it takes longer to discover you have found your partner. Each story is unique and personal, and it’s not always obvious that there is going to be a happy ending! Finding your life partner is not an easy thing to do. Here are some of the personal stories from the Weddingbee community on how they met “The One.”

1. She Was a Little Scared at First

Scott was the first man I had ever introduced to my parents. All throughout high school I never really dated, and anyone after that was short-lived and not worth mentioning. When Scott and I met, something just clicked, and it TERRIFIED me. I tried to play it cool for a couple weeks as he constantly texted me, asked me out, and just never gave up. I figured if he was that determined I should at least give him a chance. Well, I’m sure glad I did.

I remember one night we were lying in bed just talking, and he opened up to me about so many things I knew he had never said to anyone else before. He told me about a close friend he had lost unexpectedly, the passing of his grandmother only a few months before he met me, his ongoing struggle with his mental health. I cried as I listened because I had never felt that level of trust or comfort with anyone before, and I could tell he felt the same. That’s when I knew.

After I took him home for reading week (we flew there as we went to school in a different province from my home town) only 5 months after meeting, seeing him connect so effortlessly with my family just further solidified how I was feeling. I had a conversation with my dad a few months later, and he said he always knew the day I finally brought someone home that it would be “The One” because he knew I would never waste my time with anyone who wasn’t worth it. And right there, he told me he could never picture anyone better for me than Scott.

I guess it was a combination of factors ,but really, only a few months in, I knew I’d being saying “yes” to him one day.

submitted by megchristine

2. Disneyland Brought Them Together

We weren’t on a date. I was going through a very hard time with my mom and her health. He had just moved from Ohio and overheard me talking about Disneyland at work. He said he had never gone and I told him to come with my friends and I (we had passes and could get him in for free through a client).

The day of, one by one, my friends were bailing. I remember thinking, “Omg! I don’t want this guy to think this is a date.” It was our first time to spend time outside of work. I texted my friends frantically to persuade them not bail.

They ended up coming, but around 9pm. My friend was taking a picture of him near the Mickey Mouse flowers and she said, “he’s so cute!” I verbatim said, “oh no, don’t you start, he’s not a potential.”

We went over to watch the fireworks, and I was standing next to my friend with him behind me, he’s 6’3?, and some time during the fireworks, he put his hand around my waist. I cannot explain it, but I knew right then that he was the one.

We have been inseparable ever since, it will be three years on 12/18/17. He proposed, and we will be getting married next year!

submitted by withluv

3. Mom Knew First

What’s funny is that my mother knew we were in love before either myself or my husband realized it. She said that the way he looked at me and smiled when he would pick me up for a date was “the real deal.” And she knew I felt the same way. It didn’t really sink in for me until one day when he sent me a picture. He was out of town visiting his brother’s family, and his nieces always looked forward to him visiting! I guess that day they were reading princess stories and he sent me a picture of him and his two nieces all decked out in tiaras, wands, and pink feather boas! My heart melted when I saw that photo, and I couldn’t deny that he’d make a great dad. When I realized that I was envisioning him as the father of my children, I knew I had fallen deep! And here we are today, looking forward to starting our family after our second wedding anniversary in the new year.

submitted by ladyvictoria

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4. Friends on Facebook

We had been friends for a few years on Facebook and were talking regularly, when out of the blue he asked me if I wanted craft supplies from his late grandmother. I said “yes” and told him that on my next trip home, I would come by and pick them up and we could do dinner. Instead, he drove the two hundred miles to where I was living and brought them to me. We ended up sitting outside of the restaurant across the street from my job for seven hours just talking and having fun. I unfortunately had to go home so I could get some sleep before work the next day, I didn’t want it to end. I left that day wishing I could see him again the next weekend.

Our conversations intensified and he understood my situation completely. Then for my birthday, he stuck by my side as I drank away all my friend’s money at the Renaissance festival and made sure I was safe all day. I invited him over the next night and we cuddled and watched house remodeling shows until I fell asleep curled up on him. He didn’t even change the channel until I woke up. My family wasn’t even surprised to see him there on a Monday morning.

I can’t really say there was a single moment that said he was the one, as all of our moments have said it! From the way he looks at me, to the patience he has for my family and friends, it all said that he was the one for me.

submitted by shannonagins

5. Almost Ruined by the Sprinklers

The very first time I saw him, he was standing outside the boys’ dorm looking every inch like the angsty teenage boy I was into at the time. He didn’t see me, eyeing him from across the street, but I knew in that instant that there was something special about him.

I started cooking up ways to try to meet him. I tried the casual walk-by, which was ruined when the sprinklers came on and I ran, a screaming, dripping mess, all the way to my dorm. I was too mortified to turn around and see his reaction. The second time, I tried “accidentally” dropping my book bag but that ended up with a crushed digital camera that I quickly scooped up and, embarrassed again, I fled the scene.

One day, I was at an ice cream shop with a friend when I spilled Big Blue on my shorts. I walked back to my dorm to change, and, defeated, went to the boys’ dorm to study with some friends. Literally out of the blue (lol puns), he walked up to ask a mutual friend a question and we were introduced. I turned to my friend and said, “I’m going to marry that boy,” not expecting to be right in a million years.

Nine years later, here we are!

submitted by tealeaf23

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6. Romance in the Lab

For me, it was on our first date. We held hands formally for the first time and it felt just right. He is a gentle, respectful, and loving.

I was a new PhD student attending the joint lab meeting for the first time. He was a postdoctoral student who asked many intelligent questions from another group. “Impressive postdoc!” was my thought. Fast forward six months later, we had a chance to get to know each other while walking back to the department in the rain, after everyone else ditched us, because they were cycling instead of walking. I sent him an email later on to see if he wanted to go for a coffee, he declined because he didn’t want to give me wrong impression. I just wanted to meet for coffee and chat, so I had to clarify that I don’t ask guys out on dates. The man should be the one asking me out. So, it was kinda awkward.

We became friends over the museum exhibition and coffee/tea after that awkward email. Fast forward one month later, and three or four outings hanging out as friends. I tripped while crossing the road, almost fell, and his arm caught me, so I held on to him. Very cheeky of me, some people might think. But it was genuine trip-and-fall situation, no time to think of what was in front of me. We held hands, and it felt awkward. I went home.

We had a trip planned in three days time, and I was wondering if I should cancel it or act as though nothing happened. I emailed to check if the outing we planned was still on schedule. He replied by asking me out for a date, converting the outing as friends into our first date. Our journey into the unknown began on May 25th, 2015.

After those grad school supervisor dramas, meltdowns, traumatic bullying experiences in grad school and all—he’s still there. Better still, he chose to upgrade himself by asking me to marry him on Oct 15th, 2017. It was a fine, warm day – the warmest weekend in October. We walked by the river, enjoying the sunset, soaking in the beauty. On the bridge where we shared our first kiss, he knelt down and asked, “Will you marry me?” A new chapter began when I said “yes” in the midst of tears and laughter. Our journey into the unknown continues on.

Things will change and we’ll age and grow old together, but I know that with him around, everything is better. We’re just right for each other. We met at the right time and right place for the right reason. Our goofball island keeps growing and growing. He’s the one.

submitted by cindyckx

7. He Defends Her

For me it wasn’t knowing he was the one, it was when I knew I trusted him enough to commit to him for the rest of our lives. His sister is opinionated and bossy, but when he was discussing our upcoming plans, he referred to my daughter as “our daughter.” His sister lost her mind about it. Several things were said by her about me, my integrity, my daughter’s integrity, including that I was nothing but a mid-life crisis. My future husband lost it and was so mad about her talking like that about me. I could hear him perfectly on another floor of our house. He doesn’t talk to her at all anymore, though their relationship was pretty bad before that.

My moment was knowing that no matter what, we were the most important people in his life and he would defend us to anyone. The fact that it didn’t matter to him that he wasn’t my daughters biological father, but he was the man who’d stepped up and chosen to be Dad was importnt. After that I couldn’t see a single reason to not want to spend the rest of my life with him. Our daughter is so happy to give him a hug and kiss at the end of the aisle on our wedding day, when he “officially” becomes her dad.

submitted by DaniGirl03

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