What to Include in a Wedding Disaster Survival Kit

Hands holding red heart pills and a glass of water.

Let’s face it: no matter how much preparation goes into a wedding, there is always room for the occasional disaster. When you mix assorted family and friends (some of whom probably don’t get along well in the first place) with too much (or too little) alcohol, you’re bound to run into a few people issues. It’s not just your guests who may be causing a ruckus, however. There are plenty of other problems that can pop up, including issues with food and beverage orders, an inappropriately chatty amateur DJ, or a melted cake.

The point is, anything can happen on your wedding day. In fact, the potential for disaster will follow you around for days leading up to your ceremony and reception. The secret trick is to prepare for as many potential problems as possible before they strike. You can do this by creating a wedding disaster survival kit.

While carrying around a duffle bag stuffed full of emergency solutions probably isn’t a workable plan, there are a few key items you can easily pack into a small bag or purse. These items may not be able to fix a melting cake, but they will absolutely help mitigate some of the smaller disasters you may run into.

  • Baby powder – This moisture absorbing powder is perfect for combating sweat caused by hot days, jittery nerves, or a drunken best-man speech that won’t end.
  • Detergent pen – These are great! Have one handy to help save those fancy garments from stains.
  • Hand sanitizer – You’re bound to be greeting people left and right. Help keep everyone in attendance healthy with clean, germ-free hands.
  • Toothpicks or dental floss – Avoid looking like you’ve got a garden in your teeth by keeping some toothpicks around. Floss is a great alternative and may even come in handy in other ways as well.
  • Small snacks – Having granola bars, pretzels, or other easy snacks on hand can help combat a growling stomach between meals.
  • Feminine products – Never leave home without a few, just in case!
  • Tissues – Keep a small pack of these on hand in case you or someone nearby gets a bit emotional.

A bride using a tissue to dab at tears on her wedding day.

  • Lighter – For lighting candles or cigarettes, and even to help seal thread pulls in clothing. Just be careful!
  • Antacid – With all the tasty treats and appetizers, having some of these will save you and others from potential heart burn.
  • Pain killers – Obviously, this will be helpful for everything from a headache to a sprained ankle.
  • Allergy medication – Outdoor weddings inherently have allergy risks, but also keep some handy in case you or someone else runs into a minor food allergy during cocktail hour.
  • Breath fresheners – Keep some mints, gum, or mouthwash handy so you and those around you can survive a day spent together in close quarters.
  • Multi-tool – These are available in a wide variety of brands, sizes, and tool sets. Consider finding one for cosmetics as well. There’s no doubt that having a pocket-sized toolkit on hand will help to solve quite a few disasters.
  • Small sewing kit – Rips and tears can happen at the worst times. Have a sewing kit handy for a quick stitch solution to surprise wardrobe malfunctions.

Someone sewing a tear on a wedding dress.

  • Safety pins – If sewing isn’t for you, safety pins provide an easier alternative.
  • Super glue – This stuff will keep just about anything together. Just be careful not to get any on your fingers!
  • Liquor – When all else fails, it can’t hurt to have a little bit of liquor handy for pre-cocktail hour disasters. Make sure to follow all alcohol regulations set forth by the venue, however.
  • Bandages – Small cuts and scrapes can happen at any time. If these are too unsightly, consider including a small bottle of liquid bandage instead.
  • Bobby pins – Bring some black and brown ones for those flyaway hairs, especially if any part of the wedding or reception is outdoors.
  • Pocket mirror – It can’t hurt to keep one of these handy.

A young woman looking at her reflection in a hand mirror.

  • Clear medical tape – Perfect for combating blisters from uncomfortable shoes or discreet wardrobe fixes when hems come loose.
  • Clear nail polish – Ideal for a quick nail touch-up or to stop a run in someone’s pantyhose.
  • Straws – Makes drinking without ruining your lipstick a breeze!
  • Batteries – Extra AA or AAA batteries are always welcome to help prevent dead devices.
  • Fake wedding ring – In case the actual ring gets lost, your stand-in will save the day!
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