Why You Should Opt for a Small Wedding

An intimate wedding ceremony in a field.

Although big elaborate weddings might be all the rage at the moment, many couples are opting out of that choice and choosing instead to make their weddings a smaller, less boisterous affair. From extremely intimate elopements with just the couple to ceremonies with under 50 people, a small wedding is a great fit for many couples and their families. Here are some of the benefits to consider when trying to decide the size and scope of your event.

Increased Time with Guests

One of the most wonderful parts of having an intimate wedding is the amount of time you’re able to have with each person. There’s no need to have two sentences in the receiving line be the only words you speak to your grandma the entire day! With a small wedding, you are more able to soak in that time with the people you’re closest to in the world and truly savor it. The whole atmosphere feels more relaxed and less rushed, and there is no need to spend your whole reception walking table to table in order to properly greet and thank everyone you’ve known since preschool.

Intimate Vibe

A table with friends toasting with champagne.

If a close-knit, intimate vibe is what you’re hoping to have for the big day, a small wedding is a perfect choice. Without the need for crowd control and items in bulk everywhere, the specific feel you desire for your event is exactly what will shine through. The less people milling about, the less wild the event will be, and the more you can cater the ambience to your vision.

More Planning Options

A wedding ceremony set-up with chairs and archway.

If you’re hosting a small wedding compared to a large affair, the reality is that you’ll have many more options in front of you for almost all aspects of the day: table settings, location, favors, etc. Since you’re only trying to figure out 20 welcome bags instead of 200, you’re more easily able to make them as unique and customized to your loved ones as you’d like them to be. And things like unique details and preferences are much easier to bring to fruition when you’re not trying to figure out hundreds of them. A small wedding allows for more customization than a larger event, where you’re limited on options that you can make work for 100 or 200+ guests.

Decreased Cost

A glass jar with cash inside and a label that says

While you can certainly spend just as much money on a small wedding as a large one, it’s very likely that your small event will be less expensive than an event with hundreds of people. Renting a small tent is less expensive than a giant one, catering for 25 people is less expensive than catering for 200 people, and finding favors for your closest family and friends will be less expensive than ordering hundreds of bulk items for a massive group. The other thing to consider is that you may be able to make more expensive choices than if you were accomodating a larger group. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a foreign country? Well, go for it! If you’re only trying to accommodate a small party of your closest family and friends, it may very well be possible to jet off to your dream vacation to celebrate! Having a small group of people gives you more freedom and flexibility to make choices that genuinely suit you and your partner, which means you may be able to splurge on something that would otherwise be considered a total pipe dream!

More Focus on You and Your Spouse

A bride and groom holding hands at their wedding reception.

Perhaps the greatest reason of all to opt for a small wedding is the fact that you will have so much more time and energy to devote to your new spouse on this day! You won’t be spending your time trying to find them in the crowds or forcing them away from their best friends to make polite small talk with distant relatives. You’ll be able to spend the bulk of your day focused on exactly who you should be focused on—each other!

Less People to Please

It’s no surprise that many people have many opinions on weddings—especially other people’s weddings. Trying to balance Aunt Sue’s thoughts on proper reception etiquette with Uncle Harry’s strict opinions on alcohol at weddings can just plain make your head spin! Although you should certainly not feel the need to bend to everyone else’s preferences for your day, it can still be difficult to manage other’s thoughts and opinions on what is best for you and your spouse. A small wedding means there are simply less heads in the game and, perhaps even more importantly, the people who are included are likely those you’re closest to. This generally means that they care most about doing whatever makes you happy on your day.

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