I'm an indecisive girlie-girl with a motor mouth, can-do attitude, and knack for making others laugh. I dream of becoming a best selling novelist like Elizabeth Gilbert or Julie Powell (a girl can dream, right?), and love long road trips, a beautiful countryside, music, blogs, books, and all things vintage/thrift/antique/or homemade. I'm a Virgo, i.e. overly sensitive, emotional, and critical, and there's no such thing as short and sweet in my world. I want to say and do it all. Mr. Brooch grounds me. I point where to go and he figures out the way. He's a pragmatic fancy-pants who enjoys video games and movies. We both adore our mutt, Rocky, and spending time with our amazingly supportive family and friends. We're planning a garden wedding with a formal reception with lots of whimsy and unique, Southern-inspired details.

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Engraving…I’m Drawing a Blank!

Engraving…I’m Drawing a Blank!

We picked our wedding bands! Yay! We are purchasing them from a local jeweler, Laney’s in Williamsburg, VA where Mr. B bought (actually designed!) my engagement ring. I’m going this weekend to buy them and get Mr. B’s ring engraved, but I have a problem—I have no idea what the engraving should be!

Here are some of my options:

Traditional – I heard the traditional engraving is the bride’s maiden initials to the groom’s initials and the date. I love the timelessness of that idea,… read more

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