I am a psychology grad student living in Chicago and planning my wedding to a fellow psych grad student. I am a Sunny So-Cal bred gal who trudged across the country to follow her love of psychology and ended up finding a partner in the process. I am overly passionate about anything I involve myself with. I am an activist, a foodie, a reality TV watching junkie, an over-analyzer, a photography obsesser, and am utterly cheesy to the core. This is a story of what happens when a boy and a girl meet, fall in love over academic dorkiness, and a shared love for life. We (mostly I) are planning our semi-destination wedding in my hometown of San Diego. We are excited to bring our families and friends together from across our lifespans to celebrate our future in a grand 400+ person culturally blended affair!

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PVC Faux-to Booth: Backdrop

PVC Faux-to Booth: Backdrop

After making the frame, we needed a pretty backdrop. I wanted something that would be simple with some sparkle. I bought a large bolt of white chiffon from a swap meet in San Diego. Yes, a swap meet. Fabric is a ton cheaper at the swap meet than in a fabric store. I paid just under $1.50 a yard, baby!

First, I folded the chiffon to make a sleeve for the PVC pipe. I folded the edge up a little because I was afraid of fraying.

As you can see in the photo above, I wasn’t very precise with the… read more

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