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Fortune Cookie Favor

Fortune Cookie Favor

This fun and crafty fortune cookie favor will sure have your guests talking. They are so simple and easy to make, easy on the budget, and creative to go with any theme of your special day!


Decorative craft or scrapbook paper
Plain white computer paper
Double sided clear craft tape
A round plastic lid or container
Miniature candy, treats, etc.

*You may struggle with creating these favors at first, but once after folding a couple of fortune cookie… read more

Southern Charm Centerpieces

Southern Charm Centerpieces

These simple memorable mason jar centerpieces are perfect for that southern summer look that many are going for.
In the past year, and in my final year within the wedding industry the newest trend that has seem to be popular was that down south summer look. Mason jars have been the newest item seen everywhere; especially now that they are used as glasses, vases, and even storage for tiny items. So recently I have put together an idea to make this new sweet southern trend part of your special day!
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Heavenly Headpiece for Your Hectic Day

Heavenly Headpiece for Your Hectic Day

The dress is all fitted, the floor plan for the hall is in order, hair and makeup appointments are set; but something is missing – and it’s your accessories.

This step by step guide will show you an easy and creative way to create a beautiful headpiece that will balance out and go with any look the bride chooses. It won’t overdo your appearance and will add that extra sparkle and glam to make sure all eyes are on you. This is also a good idea for your girls in your bridal party!

Materials… read more

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