1950's housewife sent to the future, reborn as crafting-obsessed, jill of all trades. I enjoy decorating, writing, baking sweet things, singing show tunes/dancing in public, wearing pearls, and knitting sweaters for my furbaby, Harvey, to chew upon. I heart pink, and believe that sparkles are the new black.

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What to Wear Under There

What to Wear Under There


The opening notes of a bridal march is heard, and the heavy doors swing open. The congregation stands and turns their eager, expectant faces toward the rear of the church, and there she is, the lovely, radiant bride!

She begins to walk, and as she does, the fabric of her heavy skirt tucks itself between her legs, turning her dress into the bridal version of MC Hammer’s parachute pants.

Tripping her way to the end of the aisle, she bends to hug her grandparents, and as she does,… read more

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