10 Boho Wedding Ideas

Antique chairs and a table set up at a boho wedding reception.

Boho weddings drip with charm—and it looks like this popular wedding style isn’t going away any time soon. There is so much that brides and grooms love about boho weddings—from the focus on nature to the subtle romantic vibes—and there are many ways to incorporate boho style into your wedding, making it difficult to know exactly where to begin with this carefree, laid-back wedding trend. To help you narrow it down and start planning, we’ve gathered up our 10 favorite boho wedding ideas to spark your free-spirited imagination.

1. A Boho Bridal Look

The first place to start with your boho wedding is with your bridal look. A classic boho bridal gown is going to be more relaxed and flowy than your average ballgown or form-fitting gown. Look for dresses that feature an off-the-shoulder neckline or that have a lot of lacy, airy details. Boho-style dresses can range from strapless and barely there to long-sleeved and fully covered—so it’s all up to you and your wedding dress preferences (plus, keeping in mind the weather for your wedding day).

2. Macrame Everything

A macrame altar at a boho wedding ceremony.

Macrame is back and more popular than it was in your mom’s heyday—and the perfect element to put into your boho wedding. Whether you hang plants from your reception hall ceiling or use a macrame backdrop on your altar, this knotty textile will add a hint of whimsy and pretty details to your wedding.

3. Light as a Feather

Feathers are also another popular element to use in a boho wedding. You could use feathers in your updo, stick them in your bridal bouquet or add them to your groomsmen’s boutonnieres. A word of caution, however, to use feathers sparingly—otherwise you can end up looking less bohemian and more bird-themed.

4. Free-flowing Bouquet

A bohemian bridal bouquet of colorful roses and long greenery.

When it comes to bouquets in a boho wedding, the bigger and less restrained, the better. Boho bouquets can range from large colorful spreads of flowers to big batches of greenery. Some popular choices of flowers and greenery in boho bouquets are peonies, eucalyptus, olive branches, thistle, and button flowers.

5. Fresh Flowers on the Cake

Naked cakes have been popular in boho weddings in year’s past, but we are loving the trend of adding even more to your cake to make it stand out—like placing some brightly colored peonies on top of white icing. The pops of color will look gorgeous in photos.

6. Flower Crowns Galore

A bohemian bride with a flower crown and her groom at their wedding.

Flower crowns have been popular for the last few years, and it looks like they’re here to stay for now. Big and bold or small and subtle, a flower crown is always a good idea for a bride, her bridesmaids, the mother of the bride—or even all of your guests at the reception!

7. A Whimsical Altar

The big advantage of having a bohemian wedding is that your decor can be eclectic and gathered from multiple places—from thrift stores to high-end shops—and still fit together nicely. Your altar or arch is a good place to flex that creative muscle and really set the tone for the rest of the bohemian-style wedding. Some boho alter ideas that we love are strands of flowers dangling from a tree or archway, a crocheted altar cloth to hang above the two of you as you say your vows, or simple green wreaths that hang from the altar.

8. Lit up Lanterns

A collection of candle-lit lanterns hanging from a tree at a bohemian wedding.

There’s something we can’t resist about a bunch of glowing lanterns at an evening reception. Lanterns always look festive no matter what type of wedding you have, and a boho wedding is no exception. String a bunch of them above your guests at your reception or have them illuminate your path as you walk down the aisle. No matter how you use them, they are sure to look romantic and celebratory.

9. Natural Elements

Natural elements and boho weddings go together like wedding cake and champagne. Adding little hints of nature—whether it’s free-flowing eucalyptus leaves on the tables or a rustic tree ring cake platter—will give your wedding those boho vibes that you’ve always dreamed of.

10. Natural Hair

Along with a carefree and breezy dress, no boho wedding look is complete without natural-looking, easygoing hair. There’s no need to stress about complicated updos or making your hair do something that will take a can of hairspray to hold. A boho wedding ‘do consists of making the most of what your hair can do naturally—whether that’s beachy waves, a beautifully undone braid or even leaving it simple and straight. The name of the game is simplicity, accentuating your natural beauty and just enhancing it for your big day.

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