10 Creative Mini-Desserts to Serve as Wedding “Cake”

  • Mini donuts and berries in a coffee cup

    Cake is considered a wedding staple, but it doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your wedding dessert selection. Many people choose to do individual desserts, both for the ease of not having to cut the cake and for the customizable options of having multiple kinds of cupcakes. If cake isn’t your thing, consider these awesome individual desserts that will have your guests excited to see something different while still maintaining that beautiful classy atmosphere you are looking for in a wedding reception.

  • Pecan pie tarts on a plate

    Pecan Pie Tarts

    For the Southerner in all of us, a little tart full of sweet sugary filling and roasted pecans is the perfect after-dinner delight. These are a great option because of their crunch, both with the pecans and a good mini pie-crust with its crumbly edges. For a twist, some people add a browned-butter glaze for the crust edges, just to deepen the flavor.

  • Cannoli bites with various fruit fillings

    Cannoli Bites with Various Fillings

    Cannoli are a wonderful Italian dessert consisting of a crisp shell with a creamy filling made of ricotta cheese inside. Often, small bits of fruit, pistachios, or chocolate chips are added to the filling, making them quite customizable. Tiny cannoli not only add an Italian twist to your dessert, they are also simply delicious.

  • Lemon bars with powdered sugar on top

    Lemon Bars with Powdered Sugar

    Want a refreshing option for your summer wedding? The tang and sweetness of a sticky lemon bar is as nice as lemonade! For an added fun, you can put paper cut-outs on the top of each bar and sift the signature powdered sugar on to create a design that stays when you take the paper away. This way, your dessert can be perfectly themed to your wedding.

  • Blueberry Cheesecake Bite on a plate

    Blueberry Cheesecake Bite

    Classy and rich, a small piece of cheesecake heaped with summer fruit like blueberries is a great twist that adds both the deep flavors of berries and the light and creamy smoothness of the cheesecake. Graham cracker crust rounds out this perfect dessert option.

  • Banana Pudding Dessert Cups with cookie wafers

    Banana Pudding Dessert Cups

    Banana pudding is a hard dish to serve in a classy way, until you realize you can make individual “mini shots” of banana pudding, complete with adorable additions like a pretty cookie or a dusting of chia seeds on top. Banana pudding is making a comeback with its melt-in-your-mouth smooth flavor and the fact that it can be served cool, not cold like ice cream.

  • Baked Donuts on a sheet of powdered sugar

    Baked Donuts

    While regular donuts are delicious, baked cake donuts are both pretty and something new for many guests. Especially if you choose to serve these cuties with a cup of coffee, they make a sweet and casual way to end the reception, or just to usher everyone onto the dance floor. You can add icing in the colors of your wedding to make them even more themed.

  • Mint Chocolate Brownies stacked on a plate

    Mint Brownies

    The combination of mint and chocolate is delightful, and fudgy, soft brownies pair so well with mint chips or mint icing! For a nice twist on the more common fruit-flavored desserts, this will ensure that everyone gets a refreshing pick-me-up at the end of the meal. Brownies are also a great option if there are plenty of kids at your wedding, since they are recognizable treats even when served in a beautiful presentation.

  • Strawberry Shortcake tarts

    Strawberry Shortcakes

    Beautiful and seasonal, strawberry shortcakes provide a nice counterpoint to other, more sugar-forward desserts. Shortcakes are lightly sweetened and perfect with tart berries and a dollop of whipped cream. For a fun option, make a “shortcake bar,” allowing your guests to assemble a berry shortcake with a few different options.

  • Chocolate Mousse tarts on a plate

    Chocolate Mousse Cups

    Chocolate mousse is rich and fancy, but easy to eat when served in small tarts or cups. You can add many different garnishes, from a hazelnut on top to flakes of coconut or shavings of ultra-dark chocolate. The cocoa lovers in the room will definitely thank you if you choose this one.

  • Various Mini Desserts on a white background

    Rather than feeling like you have to commit to just one of these mini-desserts, you can definitely pair a few options together to give your guests variety and excitement at the dessert table, while also providing a few options that are gluten-free, dairy-free, or avoid major allergens like nuts. The variety of desserts ensures that everyone gets their sweet fix no matter what they are able to eat, and you can include your absolute favorite there in the mix so that you can have a moment to enjoy a sweet interlude during your happy, busy day.

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