10 Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

An outdoor summer wedding reception surrounded by trees and lights.

Summer weddings are especially fun—everyone’s outdoors in the sunshine in a relaxed, jovial atmosphere. Here are some of our favorite summer wedding ideas for you to consider for your upcoming nuptials!

1. Get Creative with Seating

A summer wedding ceremony set up with hay bales for seating.

Whether for the ceremony itself or for a variety of fun options during the reception, having unique outdoor seating can add a fun touch to your celebration. This could be anything from hay bales or picnic blankets to lawn chairs—or even church pews brought outside for an outdoor ceremony! You can get as creative as you want. You could even set up different sections of your reception venue to utilize different types of seating: a picnic blanket area in one space, an adirondack chair area in another. Your guests will be grateful to have options.

2. Create a Snack Bar

You’ve heard of having a candy bar at a wedding, but what about having a variety of other snack and drink bar options? A popcorn bar with a variety of flavored toppings, or a make-your-own mimosas bar are unique options. Keep it light and fun with a variety of food and drink choices for guests to explore during your wedding reception.

3. Have a Bright Photobooth Backdrop

A vintage summer wedding photobooth backdrop with doors, lanterns, and ribbons.

Taking photos in the natural light is another thing that makes a summer wedding awesome, so why not create an awesome photobooth backdrop just for that purpose? Whether it’s with balloons, flowers or something else altogether, having a brightly colored, fun space for your guests to take photos is a light, bright way to add a fun touch to your summer wedding.

4. Infuse Water

Infused water in glass containers at a wedding reception.

One thing to consider about summer weddings, of course, is that it can get hot. Very hot. And you’ll want everyone, from your wedding party to your guests, to stay hydrated. It’s a good idea to have lots of beverage options available, of course, but infused water is a simple way to keep folks happy and hydrated. You can use cucumber, lemons, mint, or strawberries to give water a subtle flavor. Just be sure to have someone on refill duty!

5. Gather Around a Bonfire

A bonfire is a quintessential summer activity that would add an extra level of fun to your wedding. What better way to close out such an amazing day than the smell of a campfire and being surrounded by your closest friends and family? Bonus points if you include marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to the mix.

6. Protect Guests from the Sun

A box of white paper fans at a summer beach wedding.

Don’t forget to offer some protection for your guests from the hot sun! Provide sunglasses or parasols for a cute way to keep them safe. Include small bottles of sunscreen in the bathrooms in case someone needs to reapply and forgot to bring their own. You could even fix your ceremony programs into fans to help keep guests cool while they read about the key players in your day.

7. Set up Outdoor Games

At this point, having outdoor games at your summer wedding feels like a classic choice, and that’s because they’re so fun!They’ll keep guests entertained during the “down” times of the reception, and will get everyone up and mingling. Some games to consider are giant Jenga, croquet, and cornhole.

8. Serve Cold Desserts

A bride and groom holding ice cream cones at their summer wedding reception.

Beat the heat by including cold desserts in the mix. Choose a sweet treat to be the focus of your cocktail hour or recetpion. A make-your-own shaved ice station with flavor syrup choices or an ice cream truck will keep your guests cool and comfortable and will make your big celebration that much sweeter.

9. Hire a Food Truck

Skip the fancy caterers and hire a food truck or two to provide the snacking for your celebration. Or, if you’d rather, use a traditional caterer for the reception food, but surprise your guests will a late-night food truck filled with party foods made especially for the night owls.

10. Plan a Showstopping Exit

A bride and groom watching fireworks at their end of their wedding.

Utilize the extra sunlight that summer brings and make sure your exit is one-of-a-kind. You could have your guests help you with a path of sparklers or, if your venue allows for it, a fireworks display! This is an opportunity for you and your new spouse to use a fun vehicle as you head out at the end of your big day. An awesome classic car (choose a convertible for a super summertime classic) or even a boat or tandem bicycle as a way to head out after an amazing day.

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