10 Perfect Fall Wedding Details

A bride and groom wearing a fall-colored boutonniere at their wedding.

We love a good fall wedding: The air is crisp, the colors outside are vibrant, and best of all, your guests aren’t sweating profusely in an outdoor summer ceremony. Fall weddings are becoming increasingly popular—with Pinterest reporting that in 2017 their searches for fall weddings were up by a whopping 280%—so it seems that we’re not alone in our love for all things fall wedding-related.

Interested in tying the knot when the leaves are turning? Here are 10 of our favorite perfect fall wedding details that you should include in your ceremony and reception.

1. Cozy Blankets

A bride and groom walking in a field wrapped in blankets during their fall wedding.

The true mark of a fall wedding is adding an element of coziness—and what’s cozier than a blanket? You could have blankets available for your guests in your outdoor reception, have them draped over the chairs at each table, or use them sporadically in your decor.

2. An Outdoor Element

The temperatures may be dipping, but there’s nothing more romantic than having some sort of outdoor element to your fall wedding. You could choose to have your dance floor outside (with a few heaters plugged in so that your guests don’t get too chilly) have an outdoor lounge space for your guests to relax, or have the receiving line outside to incorporate a little bit of that fall weather we all love so much.

3. Foliage Photos

A bride and groom sitting on the top of a retro VW van against a backdrop of colorful fall trees.

Having a fall wedding means taking every opportunity you can to get photos of the two of you with all of the changing foliage. Instruct your photographer to scope out the best leaf photos near your venue and go on one of the most romantic strolls of your life beneath the vibrant fall colors.

4. Fire Pit Fun

One of the best parts of fall is that it’s not yet too cold to sit outside by the fire in the evening. If your venue will allow it, having a fire pit or two outside for your guests to enjoy while they sip cocktails would be a gorgeous detail. Have plenty of firewood and matches so that you can get it started—and maybe don’t forget to have marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers on hand so that your guests can make a quick s’more.

5. Stick-to-Your-Ribs Food

An aerial view of a fall bundt cake on a table decorated with pears and flowers.

Summer weddings are great, but they aren’t the best if you’re craving a heavier meal for dinnertime. Fall, however, is a great time to serve a more filling, decadent meal to your guests—like roasted pork loin, butternut squash soup, or a creamy pumpkin risotto.

6. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

If you’re the kind of person who has a countdown for the introduction of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, you’re definitely going to want to incorporate some pumpkin spice-themed cocktails or desserts at your wedding. Ask your wedding cake baker if you can have pumpkin spice frosting or plan to have some extra pumpkin-flavored desserts on the dessert table. For cocktails, try a pumpkin pie martini, a pumpkin spice gin sour, or have a variety of pumpkin or Oktoberfest beers on hand at the bar to satisfy your fall cravings.

7. Seasonal Color

A table decorated for a fall wedding with dark red colors and eucalyptus leaves.

Fall has a beautiful color palette outside, so why not bring some of that beauty inside to your ceremony and reception? Lean into the fall colors like burgundy, mustard, violet, and gold for your bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, tablecloths, candlesticks, and foliage.

8. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

On a chilly evening, there’s no better way to warm up than with a hot cup of coffee. Upgrade your traditional coffee bar with autumn-inspired syrups and “adult” additions like Baileys Irish Cream and whisky—a guarantee that your guests will warm up in no time.

9. Dreamy Fall Flowers

An autumn bouquet for a fall wedding made of eucalyptus and dahlias.

Another thing we love about fall is the bountiful and colorful harvest of flowers that are in season for bouquet and centerpieces. Bonus: your bouquet will likely stand up to the weather better than in the high temps of the summer or the frigid temps of the winter—meaning it will last and look beautiful through the first to the last kiss. Some of our favorite fall flowers and foliage to incorporate in your bouquet or your centerpieces include dahlias, thistle, and eucalyptus.

10. Lanterns Aglow

A tree at a fall wedding reception with hanging lanterns and candles.

Lighting is key for any wedding, but it’ll look extra romantic under the fall night sky. Even if you’re not having your guests congregate outside, you should still have lighting elements like glowing lanterns or traditional string lights to light up the walkways when guests leave at the end of the evening.

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