10 Things We’re Most Excited About for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding

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    When you have weddings on the brain anyway, it is hard not to get excited about the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Here are some of the aspects we are most excited about.

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    The Hype

    Honestly, the fun of getting up early, getting some friends together, and making some fun royal wedding themed snacks and drinks may be the best part of the day. Celebrating love and a beautiful ceremony is really what makes the royal wedding so exciting. Given that royals in the UK are not monarchs who rule with an iron fist, their opportunity to represent the country in a dignified manner while the government remains parliamentary makes it easy to romanticize the royals and enjoy watching parts of their lives.

  • A model poses in a classic wedding dress

    The Dress

    Given that even the designer of the dress has been kept under wraps, Meghan Markle’s appearance at the chapel is likely to be one of the most impressive moments. Working one-on-one with a designer and including her best friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney’s opinion makes it seem like this will be a wedding dress to remember, perfectly chosen for Meghan herself. You can be sure there will be detailed coverage of every aspect of the gown, from the elements that make it traditional to any unconventional choices.

  • Queen Elizabeth riding in a carriage

    The Carriage

    We’re excited to see the royals embark in an Ascot Landau carriage on a tour around the city after the ceremony—this is one of the 100 carriages kept in a collection at the castle, and the royal couple chose this one in particular for their journey. It’s a tradition, but it also seems an awful lot like a fairy tale, so it’s sure to make us squeal.

  • The exterior of Windor Castle

    The Castle

    Let’s face it: marrying in a castle and living in a palace are just dreamy. The architecture of the buildings where the wedding will happen and the reception will be held are enough to make us feel like we were invited in to dance the night away. The buildings themselves, like St. George’s Chapel, are so imposing but they are made special by the moments in history that have taken place inside.

  • Queen Elizabeth riding in a red car

    The Arrivals

    Watching everyone arrive will be so fun: from the adorable little Princess Charlotte and Prince George to the many dignified royals, the outfits and manner of guests are sure to be interesting. There will also be the arrival of royal favorites William and Kate, as well as the Queen herself! Part of the fun before the ceremony proper is watching everyone roll up.

  • The English royal family on a balcony

    The Family

    Speaking of William and Kate, all the close family members will make the wedding extra special. With Meghan reportedly being walked down the aisle by her mother, and William possibly being the best man for Harry, there will be close ties between many of those who participate in the wedding itself. Other royal family members and members of Meghan's family and friend groups will be notable in the crowd, usually given fairly choice seats.

  • A cellphone with a picture of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

    The First Look

    We all melt when we see the way Harry looks at Meghan, and you just know that the moment she enters the room, peoples’ eyes will be on Harry. Some people are already betting that he’ll shed a tear or two at her beauty—it’s the moment mushy romantics live for! There is a moment of unguarded emotion when a husband-to-be sees his bride in all her loveliness, and it embodies the beauty of weddings quite well.

  • The exterior of  St. Georges Chapel

    The Decor

    While no one will be throwing streamers around at a royal wedding, the interior of the Chapel is sure to be an impressive site to behold. Given the many guests—hundreds, if not thousands of them—the space has to be quite large and the scale of it all will be a sight to behold. For those of us who have never been inside a cathedral, the ceremony is like a mini trip to London, equipped with access to the most impressive spots.

  • Victoria Beckham and her son outside

    The Celebrities

    Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and others will be present throughout the crowd, so one of the most fun parts of the televised coverage of the wedding will be spotting those whose faces we recognize among the crowd. There is something extra exciting when you realize just how many important people are watching the same event you are at the same time.

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk along a street

    The Romance

    Let’s face it, a love story is what brings people to a royal wedding, even when it is taking place live in another time zone. Harry and Meghan are no traditional couple, given that they were born in different countries and lived very different lives up to the point of their meeting. Their ability to fall in love and get married makes the rest of us sigh with happiness and with the joyful hope that love can conquer all.

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