10 Toast-Ready Cocktails Sure to Be a Hit

Toasting champagne

A toast is the joyous salute to good speeches and well-wishes to the couple; the drinks used in said toast should mimic all those good feelings. So what makes a good toasting drink? Well, a little bit of sparkle never hurt and a light, delicious flavor is perfect for quick happy sips. They should also be special in some way, whether they’re just really delicious or really pretty. Here are some examples of drinks that are definitely toast-worthy.

Team Bride vs. Team Groom

Here’s a simple yet fun toast cocktail idea. Make yours and your partner’s favorite drinks available from the bar or catering table. Then, your guests can pick which one they like more (or which in the couple they like more) to toast with!

The Something Blue

Also called Starry Night by the makers of Sutter Home, this beautifully blue drink features four ounces of white zinfandel, a half an ounce of blue curacao, and one ounce of raspberry vodka. You can call this drink “The Something Blue” and voila! It’s totally wedding appropriate.

Champagne: A Classic

Pour a glass of champagne

Champagne tends to be the go-to when it comes to toasting, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring about it! You can add so many different little touches to change it up. You could start with cotton candy in the glass. This way, the champagne gets colored and sweetened when you pour it over top. You could add floral ice cubes which are all the rage right now and look beautiful. To make these, you simply freeze edible flowers into the cubes of ice and plop them into the drinks. There is also an awesome recipe featuring champagne and Chambord! The Chambord gives the champagne a lovely coloring and sweet raspberry flavor; perfect for toasting.

There are some really great ideas out there so if you’re looking for some other way to spice up regular old champagne, do some easy internet research.

Watermelon and Cucumber Mojito

Mojitos could be the perfect toasting drink. They are wonderfully light and refreshing, and they look amazing. These watermelon and cucumber mojitos are actually made with watermelon and cucumber puree as well as two juiced limes, half a cup of muddled mint, eight ounces of chilled vodka, and one large bottle of chilled sparkling water.

Floral Fizz

If you’re looking for that trendy ombre look, you’ve got it in this drink. This purple cocktail features a very popular item: lavender. That’s right, this puppy is not only nice to look at, it’s nice to drink too! This one is made with two ounces of gin, one ounce of lime juice, three-fourths of an ounce of lavender syrup, and a half ounce of simple syrup. You could even add a sprig of lavender for garnish. Just gorgeous!

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Apple sangria

This one is perfect for a fall wedding. It features flavors like cinnamon and delicious apple. Crisp and yummy, this sangria is a great way to toast to the couple’s future together. For this, you can use a white or red wine. Obviously this will affect the flavor some, but it is up to your personal preference. Mix a 750mL bottle of wine with some honey, about one-third cup of peach schnapps, seltzer to taste, and some apple slices, lemons, limes, oranges, and cinnamon sticks in a pitcher and refrigerate it for about four hours.

Peach Strawberry Sangria

It’s peach and strawberry; you can’t really go wrong here. Guests will love this fruity combo! Also another sangria because let’s face it, sangria might be the ultimate toasting drink especially for a warm weather wedding. They are so refreshing and nice looking. It’s the full package.

To make the peach strawberry sangria, mix five ounces of pinot grigio, one ounce peach brandy, and four ounces of ginger beer along with sliced peaches and strawberries.

Strawberry Rosé Sangria

This sangria is for those who love rosé and who worry some guests might not be a fan of the peach flavors in the previous recipe. The best thing about this cocktail, it’s got an extra kick with the addition of vodka. To make it, you combine two bottles of rosé wine with two cups of strawberry vodka, five cups of lemon-lime soda, and half a cup of stevia or sugar together with some freshly sliced strawberries.

Rosé Lychee Elderflower Sangria

This is the second rosé sangria recipe on this list, but that’s on purpose! The rosé lends that beautiful pink color to the mix making these sangrias très chic. This one turns out super bright in color when done; it’s a rich pinkish red which works great for impressing your toasting guests.

To make a batch of this floral sangria combine two bottles of dry rosé, half a bottle of lychee liqueur, half a cup of elderflower syrup, three cans of Limonata San Pellegrino , and two cans of soda water. You’ll also want to add white peaches, strawberries, and lemons—all sliced—as well as some fresh elderflower, if you can get it, for garnish.

Blood Orange Champagne Mule

Blood oranges

This drink is just plain cool. It features the ever alluring blood orange. This cocktail is perfect for toasting, especially at a Halloween themed wedding (orange, duh).

This fruity wonder is made with the juice of half a medium-sized blood orange, the juice of half a lime, one ounce of vodka, eight mint leaves, two ounces of chilled ginger beer, and chilled champagne for topping. To make this cocktail perfect, you simply mix all the ingredients together and pour the champagne over top!

There you have it. All that’s left are the glasses. Any drink that’s festive can be made toast worthy by putting it in a nice glass. You can always add embellishments to gussy them up like edible glitter, sugar, or a slice of fruit on the rim. Any way you slice it, these drinks are all great options for toasting that will certainly impress your guests and give them a great time.

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