10 Wedding and Bridal Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

A young woman listening to a podcast via her phone.

If you’re a busy bride-to-be, this list of podcasts is perfect for getting wedding-related information, advice, and even entertainment on the go. The next time you’re in the car, at the gym, or just need some easy listening while multitasking, consider checking out these 10 popular wedding- and bridal-themed podcasts.

1. Put a Ring On It – by Danielle Pasternak and Daniel Moyer

This podcast is hosted by two professional wedding planners who are eager to share their expertise with you. Put A Ring On It is aimed at the modern couple, but one that doesn’t want to stray too far from traditions. Danielle and Daniel promise to be anything but boring, yet offer down-to-earth and practical advice. They’re also very up-to-date on all the current trends and changes to wedding etiquette.

2. Bridechilla – by Aleisha McCormack

Listeners rave about this podcast because it’s useful, relatable, and, most importantly, funny. When listening to Aleisha, you’ll feel as if you’re talking to your best friend. (Perhaps it’s because of her background as a comedian!) Bridechilla is focused on covering topics that cause wedding-related stress in a way that’s easy to listen to. If you’re someone who has anxiety surrounding your big day, make sure to give this one a listen.

3. The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast

The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast is an accompaniment to the wedding blog of the same name. Once a week, they pick a new topic and discuss it in detail. Their episodes are full of helpful tips and advice, covering all the things brides-to-be want to know.

4. Wedding Planning Podcast – by Kara Lamerato

Kara is another professional wedding planner who shares her knowledge to ease your planning-related stress. Her episodes air weekly and focus on wedding-planning basics. She regularly hosts Q&A sessions that address common dilemmas on every bride’s mind. The Wedding Planning Podcast is easy to follow and full of tips and tricks that’ll make your day the best it can be.

5. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast – by Michelle Martinez and Christy Matthews

These two wedding consultants are known for their helpful advice and funny, conversational tone. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast is filled with useful information and secrets of the trade you won’t hear anywhere else. If you’re someone who isn’t looking for boring, run-of-the-mill wedding tips, this is the podcast for you.

6. The Secret Life of Weddings – by Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer

Lisa and Rebecca are both professional wedding photographers, so they’ve seen their share of drama. Think of this podcast as the Gossip Girl of weddings. The Secret Life of Weddings tells real-life stories that are incredibly fun to listen to—even if you’re not planning on getting married yourself! If you love a good soap opera, you’re guaranteed to love this.

7. Wedding Workout

As the name suggests, this podcast is fitness-themed and aimed at the modern bride. It’s full of workout tips and health-oriented advice to help you prepare for your big day. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just tone up, this podcast is a useful addition to your listening library.

8. The Wedding People – by Rianna Elizabeth and Rebecca Brennan-Brown

This is yet another podcast hosted by two wedding planners. Rianna and Rebecca have many fans thanks to their down-to-earth, fuss-free attitude (and occasional explicit language). You might enjoy listening to this with your significant other, as all their episodes cater to both brides and grooms. Based in London, some of The Wedding People episodes cater to locals. However, if you’re planning on getting married in the UK or just need some inspiration from across the pond, you will find this podcast quite useful.

9. She Said Yes! – by Trista Guzman and Alex Rimer

Trista and Alex have quite an extensive resume. In addition to being social media influencers, they also work as bridal stylists and event planners. She Said Yes! covers all the latest trends (both the good and the bad) and provides you with a realistic approach on how to implement them into your wedding. They also cover more serious topics, but in a lighthearted way. With their advice, you will feel much less stressed about your big day.

10. Marriage and Martinis – by Danielle and Adam Silverstein

Marriage and Martinis is a podcast hosted by a couple, for other couples. It’s a great listen whether you’re a newlywed or many years into your marriage. They have an authentic but funny look into all types of relationship problems. Anyone looking to establish a healthy marriage will appreciate their modern approach to everyday relationship challenges.

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