11 Common Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

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For some brides-to-be, planning their flower arrangements has been something they’ve been looking forward to for years. For others, it can be a nightmare. But regardless of your view on finding stunning flowers for your special day, make sure you’re prepared! As many married couples can attest, choosing your wedding flowers is not always as easy as it seems, and there are a few common mistakes you can avoid with proper advice.

1. Lack of Research

Since you’re reading this, it seems as if you have already avoided one of the common wedding flower mistakes! But don’t stop here. A lot of florists are shocked by the number of couples who don’t at least do some research before they shop. To begin, you should start looking at various floral arrangements and saving pictures of the ones you like. While you probably don’t want to replicate an exact design, it’s a good starting point for a consultation.

2. Ignoring the Big Picture

It’s easy to get sucked into focusing on one arrangement at a time, but overall each arrangement should flow in a cohesive theme and go with the rest of the wedding. For example, consider the dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing, the layout and decor of the venue, and your surrounding view. It will be helpful if you take pictures of these elements to show your florist for reference.

3. Only Using One Color

Monochromatic arrangements can look quite lovely, but don’t be afraid to go with a variety of colors. Even more so, don’t try to match the color of the flowers with the color of your bridesmaids dresses. If all your tones are too similar, the flowers won’t stand out and will make for bland photos.

4. Strongly Scented Flowers

Multicolored freesia

Although most flowers have some kind of fragrance, some have stronger scents than others. These super scented varieties might compete with food being served, but even worse, may make some of your guests uncomfortable. People are becoming much more aware and accommodating to people with allergies. Flowers are no different, as their strong fragrance may affect some people, causing them headaches, or some other form of allergic reaction. Avoid this mistake by choosing flowers and plants that are less intense, or even minimal-to-no fragrance.

5. No Budget

Planning a wedding can be expensive. More budget-friendly brides might think skimping on the floral arrangements seems like a good idea. Some brides might even try to make their own, which can be disastrous, adding more stress and cost to your final event! So, if you don’t have a bridesmaid or mother with flower arranging experience, save yourself the hassle and add flowers to your budget. And if you do go with a florist, providing them with your budget will make their job much easier.

6. Refusing Expensive Flowers

Again, it’s important to create a budget, and of course, stick to it. But don’t completely rule out all expensive flowers. Some may be more expensive individually, but as a whole could actually save you money, especially the larger blooms that cover more space.

7. Ignoring Advice From Your Florist

No doubt that every bride-to-be has their own vision, even if it’s just an idea of what they think they want their floral arrangements look like. However, florists are experts and their opinions should not only be heard and considered, but trusted, too. Even if you have a good idea of what you want, take the time to listen to your florists ideas and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

8. Not Ordering Early Enough

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Not all flowers are grown nearby. In fact, flowers come from all over the world, which means you might need to allow for more time for certain flowers to arrive in time for your wedding day. To avoid ordering late, give your florist at least six weeks to put their order in and ensure everything is in on time.

9. Not Shopping Seasonally

Flowers that are in season in your area are going to be a lot more inexpensive than those that aren’t because they won’t have to be shipped in from somewhere else. If you want to maximize your flower budget, choosing flowers that are in season is your best bet.

10. Flimsy Flowers

Some flowers are a lot more flimsy than others. For example, dahlias and peonies can’t go very long periods without water, which means they don’t work well in bouquets. To avoid blooms that could potentially wither or die mid-day, it’s best to choose hardier types. Tropical flowers are a great option, or even any kind of flower that grows from a bulb.

11. Not Thinking Outside of the Box

Wedding arch with flowers

Although the bouquets, table arrangements, and boutonnieres are common for weddings, a lot of couples don’t really think outside of that. There are a lot of different ways you can use flowers to decorate your wedding. For example, you can create beautiful strands of garland, craft floral decor for wreaths, flower backdrops, potted plants, and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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