11 Ways to Have a Creative and Fun Wedding Reception

There’s no limit on creativity when it comes to the world of weddings. This means that there are seemingly endless upgrades you can incorporate into your wedding reception to make it even more fun and exciting for you and your guests alike. If you’re looking to do something truly out of the ordinary, we have a long list of creative ideas that will set your event apart and will really take your reception to the next level.

1. Confetti Drop

Nothing says “party!” like fluttering confetti. Have confetti drop from the ceiling during your first or last dance to really wow guests.

2. Live Escort Cards

Instead of having guests simply take an escort card and find their own way to their seat, hire reception ushers to personally show them to their table. This is a unique touch that makes your event feel a bit more elevated.

3. Activity Stations

Women at a wedding wearing flower crowns.

Rather than having just food stations at your reception, get creative and offer activity stations for guests to have a unique experience. This could be a henna tattoo station, a cigar station, or a floral crown making station. Activities like these are something they’ll never forget!

4. Celebrity Impersonators

Consider hiring a celebrity impersonator to act as entertainment for you and your wedding guests. Having an entertaining and comedic figure at your wedding will make it one your guests will never forget! To make it extra special, choose a famous figure meaningful to you and your fiancé.

5. Food Cart

A cart with fun food or drinks circling your reception is a great way to wow guests. Consider a full-on ice cream cart with a range of fun flavors and toppings. Another option is to go for a bar cart that comes around to guests at their tables and serves them craft cocktails. If you’re looking for something really laid back, consider a pretzel cart!

6. Personalized Late Night Snacks

A bride and groom sitting on the floor by a vintage car eating pizza.

It’s not uncommon for couples to incorporate some late night eats into their wedding reception. However, a great way to make this more unique is to personalize what you’re serving. For instance, choose a food that is specific to the geographic location where you’re tying the knot. Classic deep dish pizza or Chicago style hot dogs would be a great choice for an Illinois wedding, for example.

7. Video Diary

Rather than having your run-of-the-mill photo booth at the reception, choose something that’s more unique, memorable, and personalized. Set up a booth where a video camera records guests answering questions such as “What’s your favorite memory of the couple?” Guests can take a pre-printed “prompt” from outside the booth as they wish and go in and record a special message for the couple. You’ll always treasure this video keepsake!

8. Bathroom Selfie Station

Guests, especially the gals, will love snapping a selfie as they take a pit stop in the restroom at your event. After all, they’re all dolled up, so it’s the perfect opportunity! Set up a selfie station, complete with a basket they can help themselves to of lip glosses, oil blotting papers, and maybe some props in the women’s restroom. Decorate the countertop with some flowers or decor that matches your theme to set the scene.

9. Lawn Games

Your reception is a time to kick back, relax, and—most importantly—have fun! If your wedding reception venue has an outdoor area, include lawn games for your guests to enjoy. This could include corn hole, or an oversized Jenga or checkers set. You could even go all out and rent a bounce house for the occasion!

10. Incorporate a Theme

A creative and fun way to take your reception to the next level is to incorporate a theme into some portion of the evening. For instance, instead of doing a regular ol’ dessert table, make a complete sweets section of the ballroom in a Candyland theme. Guests will love being able to make their own treat bags.

11. Midnight Snacks

As guests exit your reception, have items for them that they receive at the door on their way back to their hotel room for the night. This can be boxed slices of pizza, sweets, or anything else that you think would make the perfect nightcap.

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