12 Things to Bring to Your Wedding Vendor Appointments

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When planning your wedding, every last conversation, appointment, and decision can feel overwhelming. Once you start choosing specific wedding vendors, however, your vision for the big day begins the process of coming to life. These vendors are who will make your day special and unique, so of course you want to have an effective dialogue and relationship with them. To help facilitate that, ensure you bring the appropriate materials to each vendor meeting to make the most out of this time.

What to Bring to all Vendor Meetings

For each vendor meeting, you’ll want to come prepared with some general items that are pertinent to the planning process.

Your Wish List

You surely have an idea of what’s most important to you at your wedding and what’s most important with each vendor, so have your wishlist for each vendor on hand for every meeting. Having this prepared allows you to best communicate with your vendors without forgetting important points and ensures that they don’t have to be “mind readers” in figuring out what’s important to you for your big day.

Your Budget

Come prepared at each vendor meeting with the budget for that appropriate vendor and your idea of how this budget should be allocated to ensure that your vendor can work with you to prioritize throughout the planning process.

A Notebook and Pens

You’ll want to take notes during your various vendor meetings to keep track of what is agreed upon and figured out. Bring a handy notebook and pens (or your laptop) to do so, which guarantees that you won’t need to rely on your memory afterwards to remember what’s discussed.

A List of Questions and Topics

You probably have an array of questions swirling around in your mind for each vendor, but it can be tough to remember to hit on all those questions and topics once you’re actually in a meeting. Come prepared with your list of questions so that you don’t end up forgetting anything you want to touch on.

What to Bring to Florist Meetings

A florist putting together a bouquet.

When you meet with your florist, you’ll want to bring a few items to make the meetings efficient.

Your Desired Color Palette

Bring with you an idea of the color palette you’re going for at your wedding. You’ll want to share with your florist what color your bridesmaids are wearing, bringing a fabric sample if possible. This will help this vendor to best plan what color florals will best match your day.

Floral Inspiration Photos

Do your homework before you meet with your florist to ensure that the time together is well spent. Peruse wedding sites or Pinterest to get an idea of what florals you’d like to have at your own wedding. Come prepared with photos of ceremony florals, bouquet inspiration, boutonniere examples, cocktail hour flower ideas, place card table inspiration, and reception floral ideas. Also think about whether you’ll want fresh flowers on your cake and bring inspiration photos of that as needed. These photos should encompass what you’re looking for as far as design, colors, and types of flowers go. If you can’t decide, bring a few different options for each to talk through with your florist!

The Appropriate Lists

You’ll also want to bring lists of a few things to the meeting with your florist. Come prepared with a list of how many bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and additional flower pieces you’ll need, such as rose petals for flower girls. Also include names of who each item will go to so that your florist can label each of them appropriately on the day-of.

What to Bring to Photography Meetings

A photographer taking a picture of a bride against a wall.

When you meet with your photographer, make the most out of your time by being well-prepared with these items on hand.

Photo Inspiration

Give your wedding photographer a sense of your style when it comes to photography. Go through their website or blog and highlight which of their shots you like the best so that they have an idea of what you’re looking for. You may also want to find wedding photos from their site or others that depict specific poses (sometimes referred to as a shot list) you would like to have of you and your spouse and others in attendance.

The Appropriate Lists

You’ll want to bring a list of must-capture photos for your day to go over with your photographer. You should outline who you want photos with – such as parents, siblings, grandparents, and so on. List out specific pairings and groups to ensure that you get everything you want out of the photos from that day and to keep photography times organized and efficient. Also come prepared with a list of any detail shots that are important to you – such as photos of your wedding stationery or bridal accessories.

A Rough Day Of Schedule

Your photographer will want to work with you to figure out the schedule for the day as far as photography is concerned, so it’s important to come to the meeting with a rough outline of how the day will go. Include getting ready times, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception times, and what time your other vendors will be on site that day. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or taking photos outside, include the sunset time for that day to plan effectively.

What to Bring to Glam Team Meetings

If you’re using hair or makeup professionals on your wedding day, here’s what you need to be prepared for your meetings with them prior to the event.

Inspiration Photos

Bring pictures of what you’d like your hair and makeup to look like on your wedding to discuss with those who will be bringing your look to life that day. This will serve as a guiding light for them at your trial and on the day-of.

A Day-of Schedule

For the day of your wedding, hair and makeup timing for you and your bridesmaids can get tricky to coordinate and keep on schedule. Bring a rough day-of schedule with you when you meet so that your glam squad knows when everyone needs to be ready.

Being well prepared for wedding vendor meetings is the perfect way to make the planning process seamless, easy, and exciting! Bring these items to each meeting and your life as a bride-to-be will be easier because of it.

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