14 Flower Wall Trends You’ll Love!

Flower wall

Floral arrangements play a vital role in wedding settings. Whether it be elaborate tablescapes, simple boutonnieres, or the bride’s bouquet, floral decor should never be underestimated. And now, there is a new trend dominating the wedding world—flower walls!

With so many different styles and themes, the flower wall look can never be overdone. Add one behind the bride’s table at the reception, as a photo backdrop for your DIY selfie photo booth, or just place one behind the officiant for a gorgeous, eye-catching background in all the photos of your vows. The possibilities are endless.

To help you find the look that is perfect for you FTD Fresh has rounded up 14 of their favorite kinds below:

Vibrant Elegance

Place colorful rows of vibrant blooms against white walls to create an eccentric, yet sophisticated look.

Flower wall

Minimalist Chic

For a simpler feel, use a wreath made of greenery and pastel blooms. Place this against multicolored wood to create contrast.

Flower wall

Rustic Grace

Not all flower walls have to be displayed on walls. Drape your favorite blooms over an archway to create an elegant backdrop or entrance.

Flower wall

Modern Style

For a more modern look, try putting vases on the walls! Add a few florals and some cascading vines to create an elegant and playful vibe.

Flower wall

Natural Appeal

Having an outdoor wedding? No problem! Utilize the greenery around you and drape flower buds and vines off of branches.

Flower wall

Feminine Romance

Get in touch with your feminine side and play with lavenders and pastels. Drape tiny lights alongside to create a heavenly aura.

Flower wall

Festive Charm

For the crafty types, create paper flowers of various sizes and colors to attach to the walls.

Flower wall

Delicately Drapey

For a wall to match the bride, bunch white and light colored blooms side-by-side. Add dark greenery along the edges to draw attention to the floral.

Flower wall

Bohemian Glamour

If you already have a backdrop in mind for your wedding day, a little greenery can go a long way. Add a few flowers to match the background and tie it all together.

Flower wall, wedding

Verdant Romance

Take advantage of natural backyard flower walls. Tuck light flowers among the greenery to create depth and sprinkle petals on the ground to develop a floaty effect.

Flower wall

Wildly Unique

Express yourself by combining vibrant vines and neon colored florals against a rustic backdrop.

Flower wall

Dark Simplicity

Use a sheer, dark-toned background to create an elegant yet inviting look. Accessorize with lighter flowers to avoid a gloomy feel.

Flower wall

Tropical Paradise

Having a beach or tropical themed wedding? Use tropical leaves and flowers arranged in opposite directions to create a sense of movement.

Flower wall

Blushing Beauty

By using a solid background, we leave the focus on the florals. Delicately-colored buds draped over soft paint tones create a romantic rosy glow.

Flower wall

FTD Fresh contributed content for this article.

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