15 Ways to Have a Sparkly Wedding

A bride and groom holding each other close in front of sparklers at their wedding.

Glitter and sparkle just scream celebration—so why not incorporate some of that into your wedding? Adding a touch of sparkle and glamour in your wedding can elevate the ceremony and reception—but how do you incorporate glitter and sparkle into your wedding without making it look like a fifth grade art project? Here are 15 fun ways to make your wedding sparkle that aren’t too over the top.

1. Bridesmaid Dresses

A bride and her bridesmaids wearing spakly dresses at a wedding.

An easy way to add a little sparkle to your wedding is through the bridesmaids’ dresses. Glittery bridesmaids’ dresses or a sparkly flower girl dress (which she’ll undoubtedly love) will get that extra sparkle you’re after—and look really glitzy in photographs. A sparkly fabric can be worn year-round, but will look especially stunning for a holiday or New Year’s Eve wedding.

2. Block Letters

Block letters have been a popular trend the last few years at wedding receptions. Couples use them to spell out their wedding hashtag, their last name or a phrase like “Celebrate” or “Wed.” If you plan on using block letters, why not make them glittering gold? This would be an easy project to DIY if you can’t find the exact shade of glittery block letters you like at the craft store.

3. A Glittery Manicure

Want your sparkly ring to have a little more oomph? Paint your nails with a fun glittery polish, which is sure to give those close-up photos of your hands an extra pop of flash and color.

4. A Disco Ball for Dancing

A discoball reflecting shine on a wedding reception dance floor.

Nothing shimmers quite like a disco ball in the dark. If there’s room for it at your reception, hang up a glittering disco ball for all of your guests to dance underneath. Trust us—nothing will get the party going faster.

5. Cocktail Glass Accessories

Make your guests feel extra glamorous when sipping on a signature cocktail at your reception by adding in a sparkly straw or a glittering cocktail stirrer.

6. Table Numbers

Having assigned seats at tables? Put your table numbers in a shimmering frame that your guests won’t be able to miss as they find their way through the crowd to their seat.

7. Glittery Garlands

A photo booth backdrop at a wedding with gold glitery curtains and red flowers.

If you’re having a photo booth at your reception, you can incorporate some sparkle into the background by hanging up strings of glittery garlands that your guests will pose in front of. Nothing screams a glamorous good time quite like posing in front of a glittery backdrop.

8. Paper Products

If you want that extra bit of sparkle but don’t want to deal with the mess of actual glitter, incorporate some shine into your paper products—like your save the dates, invitations, place cards, and programs.

9. Sparkle Garter

If you’re doing a garter toss, your garter is a good opportunity for a bit of shimmer. You can even get your name embroidered in glittery threads! (Tip: If you go with a glittery garter, try it on before you wear it all day. A glittery fabric could mean an extremely itchy leg!)

10. Shimmering Shoes

A pair of heels with sparkly gemstones on the back, for a bride to wear at her wedding.

Want a peak of shimmer in your wedding day look? Don some sparkly shoes underneath your wedding gown. Your guests will see a flash of shine as you walk down the aisle or as you hit the dance floor.

11. Ribbons with a Hint of Sparkle

Using ribbons in your ceremony or reception? Whether you’re using them to wrap around votives, to tie on chairs at the ceremony, or to add bows to a sweetheart table, go with a ribbon that has a hint of shimmer, which will photograph beautifully and look great underneath the light.

12. A Glittery Bouquet

Your flowers will wow on their own, but you can add little touches of extra sparkle with a shimmery wrap that goes around your bouquet or with a sparkly brooch that you attach to the back.

13. Showstopping Table Linens

A wedding reception table with a glitter tablecloth and candles.

White table cloths are always elegant, but glittering, shimmering table linens are a fun way to get in some shine. Don’t want to be too over the top? Add in a glittery table linen to the dessert table, the sweetheart table, or the gift table to set them apart. You can also add a hint of shimmer with a glittery table runner—or with a table runner that has glitter on the edges.

14. Sparkly Champagne Flutes

Why go with ordinary champagne flutes when you can have ones that sparkle? As you toast to your new marriage, it’ll be hard for anyone to miss your glittering champagne flutes.

15. A Glitter Cake Topper

There’s nothing sweeter than a great cake topper. Ditch the traditional couple at the top and opt for a shimmery cake topper instead. You could go with your initial, a glittery cursive topper of your last name, or get creative with shimmery cake topper characters.

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