19 Ways to Use Leaves in Your Wedding Decor

Leaves and rings

Fall weddings are so awesome for so many reasons. Just think about all the great décor inspo! When you have an autumn wedding, all that you need for décor can be found around you. Think pumpkins, hay stacks, and last but not least, colorful leaves. Rich yellow, orange, and red leaves are a beautiful way to express any autumn theme and are so versatile. It’s easy to pull off the perfect seasonal feel with the expertly executed addition of this little accessory. If you’re stuck on how to best use these little beauties, we have tons of ideas.

1. Banner

String up your leaves with twine and hang them like pennant flags. Simple and effective! You can even glam it up by spray painting the leaves gold.

2. Candles

DIY leaf candles

Image Source: The Budget Decorator

You can create beautiful candle holders with leaves. Paste the leaves to the inside of a glass globe, jar, or holder with Mod Podge. The light from your candles will shine out through the leaves and look amazing.

3. Paintings

A cute addition to any party, leaf prints will look great at your fall wedding. You can look up how to do these just about anywhere and there are a few different methods. The easiest way to accomplish this craft is to lay the leaves on a canvas and spray paint around them leaving their impression. You can also use your masterpiece for a guest book and have everyone sign it.

4. Place Cards

Utilize these festive little accessories by creating place cards with them. You can write the guests names on them in a beautiful gold calligraphy for a nice touch.

5. Hair Pieces

leaf and flower hair pin

Image Source: thehoneycomb (Etsy)

This one is more for the bridal party, but offers a lovely cohesive look. Make (or have a florist make) hair accessories with fall leaves. You could do leaf combs or headbands. Even fall fascinators would be appropriate if you’re going for something a bit more flashy.

6. Boutonnieres

These use fall leaves just how you would imagine. By incorporating fall leaves into your boutonnieres, you add more to your fall theme.

7. Cake

Can you imagine the possibilities? This can be as simple as placing disinfected leaves around the side of the cake, stuck to the sides. You’d be surprised how great this simple trick can make a cake look.

8. Table Decoration

The simplest answer to leaf decorating confusion is just to sprinkle them about. Their colors will pop against white or gold tables.

9. In the Bouquet

Autumn bouquet

Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes / Projecthursday

Leaves can go everywhere, including the bouquets. Paired with fall flora, they will look fantastically vibrant.

10. Confetti

Using a paper punch, cut out fun shapes from several dried leaves and bag them for guests to throw as confetti.

11. Fall Trees

We’ve seen some amazing fake trees strung with lights and teeming with gold and burgundy. You can do these as big or small as you want. They’d be adorable as centerpieces or stunning as huge focal points.

12. On the Arch

Leaf wedding arch

Image Source: Southbound Bride / Ramone Photography

Have you seen the different ceremony arches out there? Some have flowers hanging with string, some have hanging candles, and some are truly arched with flowers all around the edges. Use fall leaves to create your perfect fall arch. However you want to accomplish your look, by stringing the leaves like flowers or adding them as an arch accessory, your altar and ceremony will scream autumn.

13. Down the Aisle

One way to keep your ceremony looking fresh is laying fall leaves along the edge of the aisle. It creates a wonderful fall look. Organize these leaves by color and you can create an ombre look for more appeal.

14. Leaf Initials

Use fall leaves to decorate your initials. Cut wood or cardboard as a letter template and glue the leaves on in an attractive pattern. Hang them up above your gift table or on your head table in front of the bride and groom seats.

15. Picture Frames

For any frames or pictures you include in your day, decorate the edges with leaves. Seal them with an acrylic sealer so they don’t dry out and break off, or spray them with paint for a different appeal.

16. Leaf Roses

Leaf rose

Image Source: Solarpowered Kate

A cool, trendy way to display fall leaves at your wedding is to make leaf roses. You can look up a tutorial, but these are pretty simple. You fold and roll a center leaf first, and then to the same with the rest, wrapping them around the middle into a rose shape. Secure them with a little glue and use them in centerpieces, your bouquet, or anywhere you can think of!

17. Bows

Use leaves in bows. Attaching flowers and leaves to the middle of them and use them to decorate your venue. Big bows look awesome on the backs of chairs, on the corners of tables, or at the aisle edges.

18. Balloons

Wrap balloons with gauze and tie the bottom with fall leaves and flowers. Then, hang them around your venue for splash of color.

19. Photo Props

Everyone knows photo booths are big hits at weddings, but how do you keep your fall theme incorporated into the photos? One way is to decorate all your photo props with fall leaves. Think leaf masquerade masks and leaf decorated crowns.

Fall leaves can feature into almost every portion of your big day. It’s easy to create an awe inspiring look when there are leaves everywhere. And that’s the great thing about fall leaves; the more you use the better everything looks. You almost can’t go too big with these fascinating fall accessories. So make like a tree and leaf!

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