20 Pretty Ways to Decorate Chairs at Your Wedding

Chairs at a wedding reception with greenery and flowers on the backs.

You can control the way your ceremony or reception space looks by the decor you bring in or the tablecloths that you put over the tables. One thing you can’t do much about? The chairs in the reception hall. But with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can give those boring old folding chairs some added elegance that are fit for a wedding. Here are 20 pretty ways to decorate chairs at your wedding—completely customizable to the colors and aesthetic of your ceremony and reception.

1. Elegant Covers

Elevate your reception chairs with an elegant chair cover in your chosen wedding colors. This is perfect for chairs that have seen better days but are still functional.

2. Sequins

Drape your chairs with a sequined chair covering or fabric to add an extra touch of glamour to your reception hall.

3. Photographs

Hang a photo of the two of you (or better yet, a baby photo of each of you) on the back of the sweetheart chairs for an “aww”-inducing moment.

4. Wreaths

Green wreaths with pink flowers on the back of wedding reception chairs.

Wreaths are trendy this year in weddings, so adding them onto the back of your chairs—whether it’s at the sweetheart table or on the very back row of the ceremony chairs—would be an elegant way to display them. Hang them with just a small amount of ribbon or attach them with a wreath holder for a door, depending on the size and style of the chair.

5. Burlap

Burlap is a perfect accessory for a rustic, country wedding—and will look great tied into a sash on the backs of your reception chairs.

6. A Pashmina

A pashmina scarf in your wedding colors would look beautiful draped along the back of your chairs. You can also take it off and use it as a wrap when the temperature starts to dip.

7. Vases of Fresh Flowers

In the ceremony space, attach vases of fresh flowers to the chairs that are closest to the aisle to easily create an elegant decoration.

8. Signage

Two wood chairs at a wedding reception with signs hanging off the backs that say

Signs are another popular way to work in some style to your basic reception hall folding chairs, and also a great way to personalize the chairs for the celebrated couple of the evening. Choose a classic “Mr. and Mrs.” (or Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs.) or go with a rustic sign of your new last name.

9. Blankets

Blankets always look pretty draped over a chair, and could look especially gorgeous for a fall wedding that takes place outdoors. Choose something cozy like a flannel or a fur to add an extra touch of glamour.

10. Macrame

What could be cuter than a macrame plant holder draped over the back of your chairs? Bonus: your guests can take them home as their wedding favors.

11. Ruffled Skirts

Add a ruffled piece of fabric to give your chair the appearance of a beautiful, swish-y skirt in your reception hall.

12. Draped Floral Garlands

White chairs at a wedding reception with leafy garlands on the backs.

Floral garlands are big this year, and they would look elegant draped along the backs of the chairs in the ceremony space or on the backs of the chairs at the sweetheart table.

13. Wire Words

Wire hangers that spell out a new last name for bridal dresses have been a popular Instagram photo the last several years—so why not carry that over to the back of a chair? You could spell out your wedding hashtag, a new last name, or anything else creative you can come up with.

14. Lace

Lace is always a good choice for a wedding. Drape a big swatch of lace that matches your dress on the back of your chairs for a romantic statement.

15. Leis

Even if you’re not getting married in Hawaii, a lei is a beautiful way to add fresh and fragrant flowers to your ceremony or reception space.

16. Chiffon

Chairs at a wedding reception with pink fabric draped over them.

Chiffon is an ever-present fabric at weddings because it has a tendency to dress things up. Strategically placing some chiffon on the back of your reception chairs is sure to make a statement.

17. An Ampersand

At the beginning of the day you were a “you,” and at the end of the day you’re a “we.” Symbolize that sweet change by draping an ampersand block letter off the back of your chairs.

18. Ribbons

Placing multiple ribbon strands in various shades on a chair will create a whimsical vibe in your reception space.

19. Chair Pads

Want an easy way to sprinkle in some color to your ceremony space? Add some colorful chair pads or pillows to the bottoms or backs of the chairs. Your guests will be thankful!

20. “Just Married” Signs

You can’t go wrong with the classic “Just Married” signs on the backs of your sweetheart chairs to set them apart from the rest of the tables.

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