2017 Wedding Flower Trends We Love!

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Move over mason jars and baby’s breath, there are some new flower trends in town! Want to wow your guests with beautiful, unique bouquets, and interesting table decor? Read on for some information on our favorite of this year’s upcoming floral trends!


This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, and weddings are definitely going to have elements of this beautiful green tone in them. The color will be much more prominent in bouquets, absolutely, but also expect to see a more literal version of greenery incorporated into arrangements this year, with more non-traditional plants and flowers showing up in bouquets and table decor. Strong, prominent leaves can add a gorgeous, natural look to a bridal bouquet, and beautiful, light succulents will add their own unique pop of natural elegance to any arrangement.

Old-Fashioned or Vintage Choices

A new current wedding flower trend? Using old favorites! Some blooms that used to be considered more “old-fashioned,” like carnations and mums are making a serious comeback this year. These traditional flowers will add a timeless quality to your arrangements, while still looking fresh and unique when you use them in your wedding this year.

Carnation bouquet

Not only are the blooms themselves trending towards more old-fashioned styles, but so are the vases and jars that contain the beautiful arrangements! Mason jars and milk bottles are being replaced with more vintage-styled containers. A unified look of matching jars or vases in metallic tones are a gorgeous new trend this year! By utilizing understated metallics or even classic glass in colorful tones, you can create a stunning, vintage vibe with your table decor. Colorful containers also help incorporate some of your wedding theme in a more subtle way than using the flowers themselves—more neutral bouquets in colorful vases create an unforgettable look to your reception tables!

Loose Bouquets with Unique Accents

Regardless of what flowers you choose to use, for many people with upcoming weddings the very composition of the bouquet is changing. Many brides are moving away from the tight, traditional bouquets of the past and choosing a more wild, whimsical look for their arrangement. A loose bouquet with some kind of unique accent (dusty miller or eucalyptus, anyone?) adds an organic look to the overall feel of your wedding. Many florists describe this type of style as “fresh from the garden”—a gorgeous, more informal version of its perfectly primed, traditional counterpart. But don’t worry that these won’t look professional enough in your photos—far from it! The natural look for these bouquets will add a touch of whimsy, but by keeping your flower choices consistent for each arrangement, they’ll still look pulled-together enough for you and your party on your wedding day.

Alternative Uses for Flowers

flowers as decor

It is completely expected to see flowers in bouquets, and on tables as reception decor, but this year we can expect to see floral elements involved in a lot more elements of the wedding. Flower crowns are still very popular, as well as incorporating vines and flowers in wedding archways, gifts for parents’ as part of the ceremony, adorable succulents or seed packets as wedding favors for guests, and even floral backdrops for the photobooth! Suffice it to say, flowers are not just for bouquets anymore!

Paper Arrangements

Probably the biggest new trend in wedding flowers for 2017? Using paper! Paper flowers have been an up-and-coming thing for awhile now, but in 2017 we’ll be seeing this come out in a big way! So much can be done with paper—exact color matching to your other decor, different shapes and sizes to produce exactly the bouquet you dream of. Paper is also very easy to save forever. No worrying about the exact way to dry and preserve your bouquet; it’s all ready to be saved forever.

paper flowers

It’s also very easy to make paper flowers work for whatever your theme is—you could have them made out of a favorite book of you and your partners’, or even out of love notes from each other or treasured friends and family members. If you do choose to go this route, just make sure you don’t use ONLY paper arrangements—some kind of natural flowers on the tables and in the decor will add a pop of fragrance and beauty that cannot be replaced!

So there you have it, some of our favorite flower trends for 2017! Be sure to talk to your florist and see if you can make any of these work for you and your wedding!

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