2020 Wedding Color Trends

A table at a wedding reception decorated in pink and blue colors.

One of the first things many people will ask about your wedding plans is what colors you’re using for wardrobe, details, and accents. With that being said, this can be one of the toughest details to nail down when it comes to your wedding as there are so many options that all look beautiful. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color or multiple colors to use to liven up the look of your big day, consider some of the top 2020 color trends.

Dreamy Pastels

One of the big color trends for spring weddings in 2020 will be a mixture of dreamy pastels. Baby blues, blush pinks, lavenders, and pale yellows all complement each other nicely for this color scheme. Colors in muted hues like this are also easy to coordinate when it comes to flowers and bridesmaid dresses, as well as decor and stationary.

Mint Green

A bridesmaid at a wedding wearing a mint green dress next to a groomsman in a black tuxedo.

Pantone predicts that mint green will be a huge wedding trend in 2020! One reason for this is that it’s gender neutral and can be incorporated easily into the fashions of both bridesmaids and groomsmen. Mint green can be used as a focal color for your wedding theme and decor, or can be incorporated in more subtle ways through bridal accessories or florals.

Light Blue and Bright Pink

Consider combining baby blue with a bright pink to make a splash with your wedding colors. This can be beautifully done by combining ice blue bridesmaid dresses with bouquets of bright pink flowers that pop. You can also have your cake frosted in a light blue icing and add bright pink flowers to it. Consider adding that contrast of bright pink against a light color in other ways, too, like by wearing bright pink shoes as the bride against your white gown.


An overhead view of a bouquet of greenery and white flowers accented with orange roses.

While this color is reminiscent of the fruit, it’s nonetheless an elegant hue that Pantone projects to be a huge wedding trend in 2020. Cited as a rejuvenating color, it maintains a level of softness that makes it easy to incorporate into a wedding. Consider this an orange hue with milky undertones, making it less in-your-face and overpowering, and more sweet and refined. This color will be particularly popular at summer weddings.

Purple and Pink

This is a combination you don’t see that often, but it’s a great one for spring and summer weddings. Since these colors are somewhat similar, they’re easy to mix and match. Have your bridesmaids wear alternating pink and purple dresses to take advantage of this theme.


A vintage couch in the color cassis surrounded by white candles in the woods.

Speaking of purple and pink, Pantone lists the color cassis as a 2020 wedding color to consider. This is a deep tone of purple and pink combined—so it’s just shy of maroon, but a bit more light and feminine. This color is great for a fall or winter wedding and is glamorous and mature. Cassis is a great color to incorporate into your wedding via table linens and table decor.

Sage Green

A more muted and elegant shade of green is found in sage green, which is a great addition to any wedding color scheme. Combine this color with grays, a burnt orange, and an off-white hue to create an elegant palette that will give your affair a refined look without being boring.

A Neutral Palette

A trio of bridesmaids wearing neutral-colored dresses and dramatic bouquets.

Neutrals continue to be a growing color trend for 2020 weddings. In the new year, grays combined with a light cream color, a medium brown, and blacks make for a beautiful neutral palette. Give your fall or winter wedding a more earthy tone with these colors. Add them in through your flowers, bridesmaid and groomsmen attire, table linens, and other decor.


Another neutral color that will reign supreme in 2020 is beige. This color is flattering on bridesmaids, can be incorporated into the look of the groom and groomsmen, and pairs well with lush greenery.

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