23 Trendy Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

A trendy pink flower wall for a wedding with a bride and groom kissing in front of it.

If you’re a flower person, then you probably would love to have your wedding laden everywhere with blooms. Bouquets and basic centerpieces just aren’t enough for you! We’ve compiled a list below of 23 unique and of-the-moment ways to use flowers in your wedding that are sure to wow your guests and make all your floral dreams come true.

1. Hanging Flower Wall

Gather your favorite flowers and build an entire wall. That’s right, a whole wall so you can take beautiful pictures and kiss your new partner for life in front of and other floral merriment.

2. Inside Water

This idea has been around for a while, but still retains its wow factor. The latest thing is submerging unexpected and even strange flora like protea and baby’s breath.

3. In a Boho Bouquet

A bohemian bouquet with yellow accents held by a bride.

Arrange your flowers outside the normal cookie cutter fashion and go for an overly large and flow-y bouquet. Trendy? Check. Beautiful? Check.

4. As Table Organizers

If you aren’t going with a specific color palette for your wedding, consider using flowers as a guide to a seating chart. Decorate each table with a specific colored flower, providing the organization on a seating chart for your guests.

5. Hoop Bouquets

There are alternatives to the traditional bridesmaid bouquets; the latest trend is to arrange flowers at the bottom of a metal hoop. They look modern and are easy to carry!

6. Use the Head of the Flower

A bohemian tablescape for a party with flowers and greenery.

Use just the head of the flower in displays, cutting off the stem and leaves. This works particularly well for a tablescape that you want to keep low and modern.

7. Industrial Hangers

Trail flowers from industrial-looking metal geometric hangers. This look is perfect if you’re going for a modern or minimalistic theme.

8. String Around Lights

Make a flower garland and wrap it around strands of lights. It’s a pretty update to standard twinkle lights!

9. Tiered Flower Chandelier

A wood and floral hanging chandelier for a wedding reception.

Mount your flowers on a tiered chandelier and allow them to trail down in a nice pattern.

10. Floral Towers

You’ve seen floral arches, but have you seen floral towers? They are just like they sound and more beautiful than you can imagine.

11. Moss Messages

Mount moss initials or a lovely message with moss and flowers. Moss can be affixed to chicken wire much like a topiary or grown onto brick if you start early enough and own your ceremony/reception space.

12. Use a Pumpkin

Two pumpkins with decorative flowers on top of them.

This one’s perfect for an autumn-themed wedding. Carve out pumpkins to use as a vase or glue fake flowers to the top for a pretty touch.

13. Flower Necklace

Brides have taken to wearing flowers around their necks! Achieve this trend with a tasteful choker of ribbon and flowers.

14. Pressed Glass

Press flowers in glass for delicate and fancy-looking table markers or as part of other decor.

15. Decorating Drinks

Champagne in glasses with a sprig of purple lavender in each cup.

Use flowers to embellish drinks, either as a stand-in for a swizzle stick or just as simple adornment.

16. Paper Cranes

String up your flowers with paper cranes for an accessorized feature wall. The look is both artsy and whimsical.

17. Floral Wine Barrel

Decorate used and empty wine barrels with flowers. This arrangement ends up looking both rustic and grandiose.

18. Sign Decor

A modern wood sign with the phrase

Use flowers to decorate the top of a chalkboard sandwich board or other signage. The look will be romantic and is an unexpected touch that will catch everyone’s eye.

19. Floral Confetti

Prepare flower pieces or petals in small containers for guests to throw in lieu of rice as you leave your ceremony. Who wouldn’t want to be showered in rose petals?!

20. Floral Swing

Place a floral swing at your reception for photo ops. This swing can be made with simple rope and wood, with flower garlands wrapped around and attached to the entire swing.

21. Dog Collar

A bride and groom with their two dogs.

Use flowers to decorate your best friend: your dog! Affix flowers to their collar or use flora to create a cute bandana.

22. Black Roses

Take your white roses and spraypaint them black for a gothic or chic modern look. You can use these unique blooms to decorate tablescapes or candles.

23. Birdcage

Fill birdcages with flowers, allowing them to trail out, or create small arrangements that fit neatly inside. This idea goes perfectly with a garden- or rustic-themed wedding.

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