24 Ways to Add the Color Blue to Your Wedding

A bride holding a large bouquet accented with blue flowers and a groom wearing a dark blue suit.

Are you looking to add “something blue” to your wedding? Maybe you’re traditional, having a beach wedding, or simply love the color. No matter what your reasoning is for adding this cool color to your big day, there are some beautiful ways to do it. We’ve got a list of 30 ideas for you to peruse, from fashion and flowers to decor.

1. Invitations

Set a blue expectation for your wedding right away by adding a blue touch to your invitations.

2. Aisle Runner

An easy way to incorporate blue in a big way is to use a blue aisle runner or blue accents down the aisle at your ceremony.

3. Flowers

A bride carrying a bouquet of blue flowers at her wedding.

This one’s a biggie and is probably the easiest way to incorporate the desired color with the greatest impact. You can go natural and choose blue flowers like hydrangeas, or simply add blue accessories to your bouquets.

4. Lights

There are some lovely light options for your wedding, including those of that are blue!

5. Candy Bar

I recently went to a wedding where all the candies at the candy bar were pink. Adopt this same cute idea and go blue!

6. Ribbons

Chairs at a wedding reception with blue ribbons tied onto them.

Grab some blue ribbons and just go to town. Use your venue as a guide and hang ribbons in corners and other appropriate and aesthetically pleasing places.

7. Ceremony Backdrop

If you have some sort of backdrop behind your ceremony maybe with curtains, make them blue!

8. Card Box

Make your card box blue. This is perfect if you’re having a beach wedding because you can create a shadow box with an ocean look inside, complete with blue waves.

9. Bridesmaid Dresses

A trio of bridesmaids at a wedding wearing blue dresses and holding white floral bouquets.

Dress the ladies in some lovely blue gowns for an extra pop.

10. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Outfits

Following the previous idea, why not dress up more bridal party members in blue like the flower girl and ring bearer?

11. Candles

Fill your wedding to the brim with blue candles and watch the color come alive in your theme. (Just make sure your venue allows them!)

12. Groomsmen Suits

A groomsman in a wedding wearing a blue suit and a yellow tie.

Again, sometimes the best way to feature a color in your wedding is to have those standing up with you wear it.

13. Centerpieces

I once saw a wedding centerpiece with soft blue antique books and pearls strung through other pretty trinkets. Use blue in centerpieces like these or more traditional ones.

14. Signature Cocktail

Create a signature drink, possibly with the help of your venue, and make it a beautiful blue.

15. Table Decor

A table at a wedding reception with blue glasses and napkins.

This includes blue dishware, table cloths, and table runners.

16. Guest Book

Have guests sign a large blue book or make a piece of art with blue ink and your guest’s finger prints on a canvas.

17. Photo Booth Wall

Create a lasting blue touch and provide a blue feature wall for people to memorialize in fun photos.

18. Your Dress

A close-up of a bride wearing a white dress with blue detail on the edges.

You can go so far as to wear an entirely blue dress or just a dress with some blue accents like lace or appliques.

19. Name Cards

Add a simple blue touch with the name cards. Consider something modern like names written on ceramic blue tiles.

20. Confetti

Provide confetti for your guests to throw as a blue send-off.

21. Wedding Cake

A wedding cake decorated with pink and blue flowers.

Talk with your baker and discuss some ways to utilize blue in the cake’s design. Whether they dye frosting blue or use blue flowers or other decor, this is a delicious way to work the color into your wedding day!

22. Cupcakes

If you’re not committed to adding blue to your actual cake, maybe provide some blue cupcakes instead.

23. High Heels or Shoes

Add a small touch of blue to your wedding day fashion with some blue heels or shoes. The color peeking out from under your dress will be subtle, but obvious!

24. Colored Smoke Bombs

A bride and groom kissing in front of an old building as they hold blue smoke bombs.

Have you seen the awesome photos with color bombs exploding in the background behind the wedding party or bride and groom? Get some blue ones and make photo magic.

If you love the idea of incorporating the color blue into your wedding, you can easily do it with a few of these ideas. If you’re making blue part of your wedding color palette, try a lot of these ideas! The result will have you feeling blue—but in a good way!

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