4 Cheap and Easy DIY Wedding Favors

Small cacti wedding favors next to a sign that says "Let love grow."

Anyone who’s ever tried to purchase wedding favors has probably asked the question, “How can something SO small cost SO MUCH?!” This is one of the unfortunate realities of wedding planning: when you buy something for a large group of people, even the smallest details can really add up. There’s nothing you can do but bite the bullet and pony up the dough…right?

Of course not! If you read the title of this article (and I’m assuming you did), you know that it’s totally possible to have low-cost, super cute wedding favors that your guests will love. All it takes is a little creativity, a little elbow grease, and one really great idea—and luckily, I’ve got four ideas right here to get you started!

1. Washi Tea Lights

Candles make great wedding favors because they’re a gift just about anyone can use. If your guest is a candle lover, they can use these babies to create that warm, candlelit ambiance in their home right away. If your guest isn’t into candles, they can save them for the next power outage and, trust me, once the lights go out, they’ll be more than thankful for your favor!

If you have a bunch of tea light candles lying around (you can also buy them in bulk at most big box stores), give them a wedding-themed makeover with some washi tape in your wedding colors! Simply cut a piece of tape and wrap it around the candle holder. Then, put a set of three or four in a cute gift bag—instant wedding favor! Washi tape is a staple in just about every craft store, so it should be pretty easy to find a pattern you like (maybe a few for some variety) at a price point that suits your budget.

2. “Special Day Seeds”

A bride and groom walking through a lavender field on their wedding day.

You probably spent a lot of time choosing your wedding flowers. They have to match your colors, suit your wedding theme, and (of course) be exceptionally beautiful. With all the thought and effort that you put into choosing your florals, it seems a shame that they’re only used for one day. So, why not send some of your flowers home with your guests?

Seed packets or seed paper (biodegradable paper with seeds embedded into it) is a great wedding favor for couples who want to share a piece of their big day with their guests. Your friends and family can plant the seeds in their own yard and have a few of your wedding flowers in their own home! This is a great favor option for couples who enjoy gardening, who love nature, or who just really like their wedding flowers.

3. Tasty Treats

Small glass bottles of honey as wedding favors.

If there’s one gift that everyone likes to receive, it’s candy….or chocolate….or anything you can eat, really. Edible wedding favors are a fun and easy way to treat your guests without blowing your budget. This is also a favor that gives you a lot of creative freedom. It doesn’t matter what you’re serving—your guests will always appreciate getting a tasty treat when they find their seat in the reception hall!

Buy a few dozen donuts and individually package each one for your guests. Put together s’mores packets and leave them at each place setting (this is an especially great idea if your venue has a fire pit). Make your famous apple butter and put it into mini jars for everyone to take home. Hand out tiny flasks of homemade limoncello! Find a recipe that you can make (or a treat you can buy) in large quantities for a good price and give your guests a little something to snack on.

4. “Survival Kits”

Nothing ruins a party faster than a minor inconvenience. Headaches, sunburns, hungry mosquitoes—they aren’t world-ending catastrophes, but they sure can spoil your guests’ good time. This is why some couples offer their guests “wedding survival kits” as their favors. These little goodie bags have everything your guests need to deal with those inevitable irritants, like mini bottles of sunscreen, bottles of water, and other essentials.

This is the kind of wedding favor your guests will be thrilled to receive, especially if you’re having a summer wedding outside. You’d be shocked how many ladies forget to apply sunscreen to their shoulders! Not only will your kits help your guests have a better time at the wedding, but they can also even keep the kit in their purses or cars for future emergencies. It truly is the wedding favor that keeps on giving.

All these wedding favors are cute, useful, easy to make, and (most importantly) low-cost. If you try out one of these ideas, you’ll be able to save a few pennies on your wedding budget and give your guests a gift they will be thrilled to receive—there’s no doubt that’s a win-win!

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