4 Reasons to Consider Fake Flowers for Your Wedding

A bride in a lace dress holding a bouquet of faux white flowers and greenery.

Most couples agree that flowers are an important part of the wedding décor. They’re beautiful, they smell nice, and they’re ubiquitous with romance—what’s not to love? Well, the fact is that wedding flowers have one major drawback: the price. In the United States, the average couple spends up to $1,100…for something that’s going to die in a day or two!

Because of their high price tag and short shelf life, flowers are usually on the chopping block when it comes to wedding budgets. You can still have a beautiful wedding without using a single fresh flower: you can save money by sticking to greenery, you can carry a bouquet of sparkly brooches, or you can create some beautiful arrangements with artificial flowers.

Fake flowers are essentially the best of both worlds: they look lovely, they’re romantic, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg! If you’re trying to decide between fresh flowers and their silk imitators, here are a few reasons why silk flowers might be right for you.

1. Variety

When you use fresh flowers for a wedding, you’re constantly compromising with Mother Nature (and your wallet). Those gorgeous peonies you’ve been seeing on all the wedding blogs won’t be in season by the time you walk down the aisle. Sure, you can get them…but it’ll cost you! What about those blue roses you saw on Pinterest? They don’t exist in nature, so you’re gonna have to pay to dye white flowers.

Silk flowers, on the other hand, open up a whole new world. Every flower is always in season, and every blossom comes in every color you can imagine. Best of all, a trip to the craft store is much cheaper than a trip to the florist shop, so you can really indulge in all your favorite florals! With silk flowers, you have the freedom to create the bouquet of your dreams—no compromise required.

3. Sustainability

A bride holding a bouquet of faux lavender flowers at her wedding.

Couples these days are all about reducing waste and going green (with good reason). This eco-conscious attitude permeates every aspect of wedding planning, and flowers are no exception. If the idea of buying a bunch of fresh flowers only to toss them out when the party’s over isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to give silk flowers some serious consideration.

Not only will silk flowers reduce the amount of trash your wedding accumulates, but they can also be repurposed for years to come. Got a cousin who’s having a baby? Pass the flowers along for her shower! Having a dinner party with friends? Whip out an old centerpiece and spruce up the dinner table. Artificial flowers are not a one-time-use decoration, which makes them an eco-friendly couple’s dream.

3. Consistency

A bride and groom holding a small wedding cake decorated with faux flowers.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from those “Flowers.com” fails that happen every Mother’s Day, it’s that the flowers you order aren’t always what you get. Flowers are a part of nature, and that means they can be pretty temperamental. They’ll wilt in the heat, they’ll shed petals in transit, and by the time they’re set up at your venue, they may not look at all as you’d hoped.

Silk flowers, on the other hand, will always look fresh and new. They don’t have a choice…they’re made that way! Obviously, something horrible could go wrong—the dog could chew a few stems to smithereens or someone could accidentally rip out a few petals. But if everything goes relatively smoothly on your big day, the flowers should look their very best from the first steps down the aisle to the sparkler exit.

4. Savings

And now we’ve come to the one thing that influences most decisions: the dollar bills. The price difference between real and artificial flowers is staggering. For example, the average bridal bouquet from a florist costs between $100-$150. A ready-made, high-end bouquet made of silk flowers won’t top out at half that much! If you’re looking to trim the fat off your wedding budget, the savings from using silk flowers can make a huge difference.

Now, you might be worried that fake flowers will read as “cheap” to your guests. I understand your concern, but hear me out: very few guests will even notice the swap! Sure, silk flowers have a different texture than the real deal, but no one will be walking around feeling petals for their authenticity. In fact, most guests won’t give your flowers more than a passing glance—they’ll be having too much fun celebrating.

Silk flowers are a beautiful, low-cost alternative that many couples have used to accent their wedding day. There’s no reason why you and your sweetheart can’t do it, too! Before you sign a contract with your local florist, head to the nearest craft store and take a look around. You just might find everything you need to create your perfect wedding flowers!

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