4 Romantic Destinations for an Elopement

A bride and groom kissing at a restaurant during their elopement.

Are you and your fiancé considering an elopement? While many people prefer to plan an elaborate event, some couples really do find that eloping is the better option given their circumstances and personal preferences. There are actually several benefits to eloping, including:

  • No added stress and/or frustration from planning a big ceremony and reception
  • The two of you can decide to go anywhere together—anywhere!
  • You and your fiancé can make your own rules; everything is done your way, without any need or pressure to follow “tradition”
  • Your wedding day will be about you, and not everyone else
  • It’s incredibly romantic!
  • You’ll save so much money

That last point is a big one. Weddings can be really expensive, especially larger ones that cater to hundreds of guests. In fact, the average wedding these days costs around $35,000. That’s more than what many people pay for a brand new car and, depending on your situation, it could be dangerously close to one or both of your yearly incomes. The truth is, money is often an important factor that contributes to the decision to elope.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to elope, you’re likely looking for a beautiful location to do it. With so many amazing places to visit, it can be difficult to know which one will be best for you and your fiancé. To help make the decision a little easier, consider watching the sunset with the person you love at one of these romantic destinations.

Crete, Greece

A bride and groom in Greece during their elopement.

Greece is an incredibly romantic destination for an elopement. While there are many cities worth visiting, including the ever-popular Mykonos, the island of Crete is a lovely and more secluded place to start. The area is full of interesting historical sites, as well as beautiful nature to explore. Truly, there’s something for everyone.

One particularly unique getaway is the Domes of Elounda. Located along the northwestern coast of Crete, this resort is the perfect balance between the mountains and beach. You and your fiancé can enjoy time together on a sandy beach in a secluded bay of crystal blue waters while watching the sun set behind towering, rugged mountains in the distance. You can, indeed, have it all!

Stykkisholmur, Iceland

A man and woman in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland who just eloped.

Another romantic destination for your elopement is Iceland…really, anywhere in Iceland. This is a very popular country for couples getting engaged, married, or honeymooning. And for good reason! The landscapes are beyond stunning and vast.

While the most popular destinations are in the southern regions of Iceland, these areas can become quite crowded with tourists. To enjoy a more intimate and secluded experience, consider staying in one of the smaller towns to the west. One great option is Stykkisholmur. This little piece of paradise is situated only an hour from the Icelandic mountain wonder, Kirkjufell. You’ll also have access to various valleys, fields, volcanoes, lava fields, and black sand beaches.

Tremezzina, Italy

An aerial view of Tremezzina, Italy, as a destination for an elopement.

If you’re among the millions of people who have dreamed about visiting Italy, can you think of a more romantic way to start your life together? Italy is home to many wonders and stunning scenery, making it a picture-perfect place to get married. Tremezzina, specifically, has been designated one of the most beautiful villages in the country. It’s situated on Lake Como, which is in and of itself a sight well worth seeing. It’s characterized by beautiful villas, but is also home to some amazing hotels.

As a couple, the two of you will be able to enjoy all sorts of exciting attractions, including visiting the remains of an old medieval fortress. This destination is unique because it’s both coastal and hilly, so you can set out on a different type of adventure every day. One experience you won’t want to miss out on, however, is the trip up to Mount Crocione. This excursion will likely take a full day to complete, but it’s so worth the time if you and your fiancé enjoy being outside.

Vail, Colorado

A couple with ski equipment in the snow kissing after getting married.

You don’t have to leave the country to find a beautiful and romantic setting for your upcoming elopement. If you and your fiancé love the outdoors, consider visiting the picturesque Vail, Colorado. Actually, any mountain town or city in the Rocky Mountains is recommended, especially if the two of you enjoy hiking.

Even if hiking isn’t your jam, there are plenty of things to do in the Rockies. From romantic drives with stunning views and quick jaunts in the woods to horseback riding trips and kisses under a waterfall, the two of you are sure to find something to fill your time! Do you want to know the best thing about finding a scenic, mountain hideaway for your wedding? It will be breathtakingly beautiful no matter what season it is. You can enjoy pleasantly cool weather during the summer and spring, experience an explosion of color during the fall, or enter a literal winter wonderland as the colder months hit.

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