4 Unexpected Fall Wedding Color Palettes

A fall wedding vignette with orange and deep red invitations, flowers, and a tan hat.

Chocolate brown. Pumpkin orange. Rust, gold, olive green. These are the colors we associate with fall—and with good reason, as they’re the colors we see around us during the season. Because of their ubiquity with autumn, many couples incorporate these warm shades into their fall wedding color schemes. Here’s the thing: if you’re in love with the fall colors, you should absolutely use them to decorate your wedding! But if fiery hues of red and orange aren’t your thing, you don’t have to use this classic fall aesthetic.

So, if you don’t want to draw inspiration from the falling leaves, which colors should you use at your wedding? There are plenty of other color palettes that evoke the fall spirit —including a few you may not have considered. Here are a few unexpected color schemes that will look incredible at any fall wedding!

1. Navy, Purple, and Gold

A groom at a wedding in a navy blue suit holding a purple-accented bouquet with sunflowers.

While warm tones are particularly common in fall color palettes, this season is also a great time to start using darker, moodier colors. Shades like deep plum and navy blue add some old school sophistication to any space, which makes them a great choice for a wedding.

Of course, no color palette is complete without an “accent” shade. Gold accents are a great way to bring some brightness to the dark navy and purple and will add some glamour. Best of all, the gold in your color scheme can be dressed up or down to suit any wedding theme or aesthetic! An ultra-bright, shimmery gold is perfect for art deco inspired weddings, while muted gold is a stunning choice for more gothic-inspired ceremonies (which would be an amazing theme for a fall wedding in October). This color palette is a great way to have a sophisticated-looking wedding that’s outside the box.

2. Yellow, Gray, and Silver

A wedding venue decorated with vintage doors and lanterns, and yellow streamers.

This color palette is actually a significant departure from the typical fall colors. In fact, you might think these colors are more at home a few months later; the bright, cheery yellow and pale gray are much more common for a spring wedding.

However, this color palette is actually a great contrast to the darker shades of the world outside—and it looks incredible in an industrial, concrete space! If you’re having a fall wedding in a converted warehouse or similar modern venue, consider using these colors to decorate your unique space.

3. Pink, Charcoal, and Goldenrod

A fall wedding bouquet of white, gray, pink, and yellow flowers with gold rings resting on top.

One of the most notable features of fall is the general lack of greenery (you know, since it’s all…falling). This also means that many flowers are hiding out until spring, depriving the world of their bright, vibrant shades. So, why don’t you bring your guests a little color?

This color scheme includes a couple of the more common fall colors (goldenrod yellow and charcoal gray) with one wildcard:pink! This surprising accent color will add a touch of romance and a little extra fun to your overall décor.

Seek out pink flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces. Layer pink table runners over charcoal linens. Get creative and look for fun ways to inject your fall color palette with some spring-inspired vibes!

4. Rose Gold, Dusty Blue, Dusty Pink, and Sage Green

A table setting with pink goblet, gold flatware, and blue cloth.

Now, we come to a color palette that has a little bit of everything. Sage green for a natural touch, rose gold for elegance and sophistication, and blue and pink for classic romance (but more muted shades to match the seasonal vibe). I would call this the “universal” wedding color scheme—a group of colors that suits any style and any season. However, these shades really shine in the fall!

As the world outside becomes increasingly red and orange, the blues and greens of this palette bring a cool, calming look to your décor, while the dusty pink adds a touch of sweetness while connecting your colors to the warm shades outside. You can easily tailor this color palette to suit any theme you want, which makes it a great choice for any couple planning a fall wedding.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a fall wedding, whether or not you want to use the classic fall colors. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use colors you don’t always see this time of year! It’s often best to choose your wedding colors around the style, and not the season.

Think about the kind of feeling you want your guests to experience when they see your wedding space and look for colors that will evoke those feelings. Whether you want to have a rustic barn wedding, an art-deco soiree, or a modern minimalist affair, there is always a perfect color palette available for you and your partner.

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