5 Beautiful Winter Wedding Destinations

A bride holding a bouquet and standing on a bridge covered with snow and surrounded by pine trees.

There’s nothing like the glamour and serenity of a gorgeous winter wedding with guests cozied up under blankets and stunning photographs of the couple surrounded by a winter wonderland. If you’re considering a winter wedding of your own, here are a few destination options, mostly in the US but a few abroad as well, that offer beautiful locations for your perfect snow-covered celebration.

1. New England

It’s typical for people to associate a classic New England wedding with the autumn months, but folks often forget the gorgeousness of a wooded New England winter. New England offers a variety of beautiful snow-covered scenery, from mountain-top views to lakeside cabins and everything in between. If you love the idea of a true, nature-filled location, New England might just be the place for you. From New Hampshire mountains and wooded forests in Maine to cozy retreats in Vermont, there’s something for everyone’s winter wedding in the Northeast! For an iconic venue option, choose somewhere on a mountain and take a ski lift up to the top in your wedding attire for unique, gorgeous wedding portraits.

2. New York City

Central Park with snow and and buildings in the background with lights.

If you prefer a less woodsy feel, and you and your partner are more city lovers, what could be more perfect than a New York City winter wedding? The sight of the city skyline dusted with snow from huge windows of your favorite indoor venue can give you the best of both worlds. And since New York is such a huge, versatile place, you’ll absolutely be able to find a venue that fits you and your partner perfectly. And, of course, gorgeous winter photos in Central Park really cannot be beat.

3. Lake Tahoe, California

A view of Lake Tahoe in California during the winter with snow on trees.

Another fantastic location for your perfect winter wedding celebration is Lake Tahoe in California. Known for its gorgeous blue waters, stunning snowy pines, and beautiful mountain views, this is a great option for West Coasters who know they want a more nature-centered winter ceremony. However, Lake Tahoe is also known for its high-class venues and delicious fine foods, which make this location a great choice for those looking for a more decadent affair. Whichever way you choose to go, Lake Tahoe is a fantastic choice for a winter wedding.

4. Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

An ice building in Sweden.

While this may seem like a totally random location, we’re recommending it because it’s the town that boasts the world-famous Swedish Ice Hotel! If you’re a huge winter fan and love the ice and snow, you really can’t get more perfect than this place; there’s even a hand-carved ice church that’s actually completely made of snow and ice, which is created with a unique design every year. Talk about a totally unique venue—it’s literally a different design each winter! There are several other ceremony locations on the property as well, if a church isn’t quite up your alley. You can even stay overnight in one of the many ice suites made especially for overnight stays! If you and your partner are huge winter fanatics and are looking for a winter destination wedding location that guests will talk about for years to come, you really can’t get any better than The Ice Hotel Sweden.

5. British Columbia, Canada

If you’re looking outside the United States for a wedding location, why not consider British Columbia, Canada? Yoho National Park is a beautiful location that includes snowy mountains and stunning waters. It’s hard to beat the gorgeous view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and being nestled into the snow-capped views is a perfect way to spend your wedding day. Or, choose a location with expanses of fields covered in snow that would make a pristine backdrop for any wedding ceremony. In many locations around BC, you and your guests would be able to partake in winter sports and events as well, such as skiing, snowboarding, or even snowshoeing as part of your stay at your venue!

One of the best things about winter weddings is how truly versatile and different they can be—from serene and cozy to wild and adventurous! When choosing a winter wedding location, consider what you and your spouse-to-be love most about this chilly, beautiful season and then seek that out in whatever venues you look at. No matter what choice you make, whether you’re city lovers in Central Park, snowboarders in Lake Tahoe, or Ice Kings and Queens in Sweden, you’re sure to have the perfect winter wonderland wedding tailor-made for you in one of these winter wedding destinations.

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