5 Creative DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

beach wedding ceremony

Spring is bursting with colors as flowers blossom everywhere you look. This season is all about bright colors and bold flowers. Use this to your advantage to save some money and make beautiful decorations for your spring wedding.

1. Centerpieces

spring wedding lemon vase centerpiece

The best thing about centerpieces is that you can make them in whatever size, shape, and style you want. Begin your centerpiece project with whatever type of container you love most. If you are going the rustic route, a mason jar is a perfect touch. Varying kinds of vases provide a wonderful look for each table. If you want to show of an artsy side, go with unique containers found at a thrift store.

Then all you need to do is fill them with the perfect accents. Spring is all about color and flowers, so a great choice is always your favorite type of flower. You can place a few in each container. You can go with a terrarium look for a natural feel, or even fruit for a pop of colorful (tasty) fun on each table. If you don’t want to bring attention to each table with flowers, a less showy centerpiece accent is the candle. Place a tea light in each container for a simple, yet classy touch. You don’t have to have a container in the middle of each table.

A great touch for any DIY centerpiece is a mirror. This adds elegance to the table and gives the illusion of a larger centerpiece. Plus, one of the greatest things about centerpieces is they can double as favors. A DIY decoration and favor all rolled into one saves money and looks great at the same time.

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2. Hanging Decorations

wedding reception hanging decor

Hanging decorations are an easy way to fill space, while also making that space pop with color and excitement. Making hanging decorations is pretty easy if you go with the basics. Garlands are a creative, fun addition made with clothespins, paper, and string. Yarn chandeliers and paper lanterns are also great to hang from the rafters.

But, you don’t just need to think about the inside. If you are getting married outside, trees provide the best place to hang decorations. Some brides even hung a curtain of ribbon made with ribbon, string, or PVC pipe. You can even hang photos across parts of the room if you want to go that route. One thing about hanging decorations is you can use many of them in your home for decoration after the wedding.

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3. Outdoor Decorations

hanging string lights from trees

Outdoor weddings lend you nature as your canvas. Lights strewn through trees are a classy, beautiful touch that only takes a few minutes to set up. Hay bales provide both the perfect place for guests to rest and a focal point for decoration. Put homemade quilts or decorative pillows along the hay bales for chic outdoor seating. Hay is also an easy way to decorate the floor. Lay it across the floor for a decorative touch. Use rocks to form hearts or arrows along a path to the dance floor.

Look around the area for extraordinary things that can transform into art. Broken twigs and branches, tiny flowers sprouting by the garden and a bed of rocks suddenly become art accents for the perfect spring wedding.

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4. Signs

barn wedding sign

Signs are some of the easiest DIY additions for a Spring wedding. Your sign background will depend on the feel of your wedding. From canvas and wood to chalkboard and steel, anything can become a sign. Reclaimed wood is a great background for rustic weddings. You can stain it or keep it natural, then add text with paint and hang the sign.

Chalkboard signs are a fun addition if you have good handwriting. You can place signs throughout the wedding telling people where to sit, labeling the food or simply for decoration so that people can hold them in photos.

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5. Favors that Double as Decoration

candy bar wedding reception favor station

Favors can often double as decoration and a gift. Use flowers to your benefit since they are plentiful in Spring. Place colorful flowers in vases, mason jars or other containers at tables or in other areas as favors so they provide a fun focal point and go home with guests at the end of the night. A candy bar full of bright, sugary goodness is easy to put together, gives guests their own selection of candy for their favors, and provides an amazing color burst. Who doesn’t love to mix a bag of Skittles with Sour Patch Kids?

Mason jars are magic when it comes to decoration and favors. People love mason jars, so you can stuff them with your favorite things as a favor. Make these things bright and colorful or paint the mason jars in your colors.

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