5 Essential Elements of a Sweet Spring Wedding

spring bride and groom

Spring is all about flowers, pink, and more flowers. A spring wedding is the perfect way to incorporate your girly style, while tying in new trends to have your guests feeling like spring has sprung.

1. Fun Food Displays

outdoor sweet station

Summer is for barbecues, winter is for hot cocoa, and spring is for doughnuts. Doughnuts? Yes, an essential element of a sweet spring wedding is a fun food display like a doughnut wall. What is better than a wall filled with doughnuts of any color—white, pink, and/or brown—that guests can choose to eat at their leisure? Nothing.

Another way to add some fun to your wedding food is serving everything miniature. Mini margaritas and mini tacos are sure to be the perfect snack to serve while guests are mingling. Open bars are cool, but french fry bars are even cooler. A bar where guests can serve themselves creates the perfect spring picnic ambiance, with a very laid-back feel. Have different types of fries— shoestring, waffle, and curly fries—with an array of toppings and sauces for the ultimate feast.

2. Contrasting Color Schemes

blue and pink spring wedding

Pink is pretty, but pink and navy make for a perfect color scheme. Use your favorite spring pastels, and combine them with a contrasting color for your invites, flowers, attire, and decorations.

Want something a little more clear-cut? Go for blue and white china for a simple and elegant color scheme. Olive and yellow and aqua and grey are both trendy combinations that still scream spring.

3. Greeting Garden Tools

spring wedding sign

Garden tools are perfect decor for an outdoor spring wedding. Use what you have in your garage to create signs, coolers, and more. A wheel barrow is the perfect size for tons of beer bottles that guests can grab themselves. Fill the wheelbarrow halfway with ice, and have your favorite beers ready to enjoy. Use a shovel to attach a wooden arrow sign to point to the direction of the ceremony, or parking. Watering cans can be used as floral displays, filled with your favorite flowers and vines.

4. Pretty Pastel Details

spring wedding reception table

Mason jars make for beautiful centerpieces, especially for spring wedding when painted an assortment of pastel colors. Use pastel-colored ribbon around chairs to hold flowers to the back of it and pastel lace for tablecloths. Illuminate the night with string lights and hanging paper pastel creations like handmade birds or flowers.

5. Sweet Send-Offs

wedding send off with bubbles

Thinking about how to avoid rice to the face? Spring has the perfect weather for bubbles. Have your guests use individual bubbles for the prettiest send-off. Or, ask guests to pick up a sparkler on the way outside to light up the night as you and your partner exit. Multi-color pastel confetti in paper cones are also the perfect way to incorporate your pastels to make for the most picture-perfect send-off.

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