5 Extra Details Your Wedding Guests Will Love at the Reception

A bride and some wedding guests dancing at a reception.

These days, every wedding is a unique reflection of the couple tying the knot. Some have traditional church weddings, others opt for a simple ceremony at home, and others go all out with the Game of Thrones cosplay. But no matter how varied the wedding itself may be, there is one universal truth in the wedding world: every couple wants their guests to have a good time. One great way to show your guests that you appreciate their attendance is by considering their needs during (and after) the reception. Here are a few little extras you can do to show your guests some love.

1. Reception Requests on the Wedding RSVPs

Most wedding receptions are all about letting loose on the dance floor. It can be great fun to watch your friends and family members cutting a rug, but it’s critical that you have the right music. After all, how can Uncle Fred show off his sick moves if the DJ never plays his jam? You’d better make sure to have the right tunes at the ready.

When you send out your wedding invitations, leave a space on the RSVP card where guests can make a song request. Then, relay these requests to your DJ or band, so that you can be sure to have one favorite song from each person in attendance. This way, you can dance the night away and be certain that everyone will join in the fun!

2. Drink-Saving Coasters

When a guest’s favorite song comes on, they may not have time to finish their drink. But while they’re away, that half-empty (or half-full) glass on the table could accidentally be taken away by the waitstaff! How can you keep it safe? The solution is simple; in fact, it’s a DIY project that you could likely do over the weekend!

Using pulpboard or cork, cut out a simple circle or square (you can also have these custom-made if you’re not the DIY type). Then, grab your art supplies and write, “Please don’t take my drink!” Give these to your guests as part of their wedding favors. Just like that, you’ve saved several sips of champagne.

3. A Kid’s Corner for the Youngest Guests

Three young girls dressed in white and playing with bubbles at a wedding reception.

If you have parents on your guest list, your wedding may be one of the first nights out they’ve had in a while. And believe it or not, you can make your wedding reception an absolute paradise for friends with little ones—all you’ll need are some small toys and crayons.

Setting up a kid’s area in your reception space will give your adult guests the freedom to really enjoy themselves and not constantly be watching their kids. A few coloring books, some simple toys, or even an iPad queued up with movies will keep the little ones occupied all night (though I’d also suggest asking someone to hang around the kid’s zone to keep an eye on everyone). This way, your reception can really feel like a night on the town!

4. To-Go Boxes for Leftover Food

Everyone loves a delicious meal, and the food at a wedding is usually incredible. However, it can often go uneaten; between catching up with friends and relatives and enjoying themselves on the dance floor, guests can sometimes be too busy to fully enjoy their dinner. This goes double if your guests have kids to keep an eye on (not to mention that kids rarely eat when you’d like them to)!

Rather than letting all your catering go to waste, provide your guests with some small to-go boxes they can take home. Everyone will appreciate this little gesture, whether they’re boxing up the half-eaten dinner they didn’t get to finish, the uneaten plate their kid hardly touched, or the slice of cake they don’t have room for quite yet.

5. Hangover Kits for the Day After

A group of wedding guests toasting with champagne.

There’s always someone at the wedding who parties just a little too hard. But whether you’re hosting a group of teetotalers or some serious party animals, it’s always helpful to have some first aid handy. Hangover kits are a fun, silly wedding favor that just might end up making your guests’ day the morning after your special day.

What goes in your hangover kit? Advil, band-aids, eye drops, a small bottle of water, and maybe even a healthy morning snack. Even if they wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your wedding guests are sure to appreciate these practical gifts (if you ask me, they’re much better than candied almonds or Koozies).

These little extras may seem…well, little. But they can show your guests just how much you care about them. After all, you’re showing that you care about their kids, their musical tastes, and even their hangovers! By paying attention to the little details in your wedding reception, you can make a big impact on your guests.

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