5 Spring Wedding Color Palettes

A close-up of spring flowers in colors of pink, purple, and yellow.

For many couples, the color scheme they choose for their wedding says quite a lot about their special day. Do they want something timeless like classic black and white? Something romantic with shades of pink and red? Or something vibrant and carefree with tropical colors?

Color palettes vary wildly from one wedding to the next, but every so often you come across a pair of colors that looks truly exceptional. Here are a few of my favorite color palettes for a spring wedding, (particularly an outdoor event with lots of natural greenery). Take a look—you might just find the perfect shades for your special day!

1. Coral and Green

A bridesmaid wearing a coral dress and holding a coral and green bouquet.

Ever since Pantone named “living coral” their 2019 color of the year, the orangey-pinky hue has been very much on-trend. The shade has appeared on clothing, nail polish, and more than a few wedding planner’s styled shoots! It’s easy to see why coral is a popular shade for wedding color palettes; it’s pink enough to be sweet and romantic, but still bold enough to not be too feminine.

Coral is also an excellent color for spring weddings because it’s visible on so many flowers. Roses, peonies, hibiscus—there are so many ways to have coral in your bridal bouquet! Personally, I believe that this color could look great with any cool tone like grey or blue (or even black if you want a bold color scheme), but for spring I’d suggest a bright, lush shade of green. It will give your wedding a vibrant look that’s perfect for the season.

2. Dusty Blue and Blush

A dusty blue and blush pink wedding reception table.

Not every couple wants to have bright, bold shades in their wedding color scheme. In fact, many couples opt for just the opposite! Using muted, pastel colors can give your wedding an understated elegance. If you’re looking for a subdued color palette with a classy vibe, I suggest trying out blush and dusty blue.

Blush has been a popular color among weddings for some time now. This delicate, muted shade of pink adds a soft and romantic feel to fashion, florals, and décor. Similarly, adding a light, dusty blue to your color palette will provide some dramatic contrast while sticking to a soft, ethereal style. These two colors look stunning together, and they will look stunning against the natural green backdrop of the springtime.

3. Rose Gold and Dusty Rose

A pair of rose gold heels for a bride on her wedding day surrounded by pink flowers.

Let’s say you like the idea of a little sparkle, but you want to play up the romance angle of your big day (after all, a wedding is a celebration of love). That’s a great idea—and as far as I’m concerned, the best way to do it is with a color palette of rose gold and dusty rose.

Dusty rose is a shade of pink with cool, almost purple undertones. This muted color is a great choice for a wedding, as it creates that romantic vibe most people get from shades of red or pink. And if you combine this color with accents in rose gold, you’ll get a warm color palette that practically screams love, passion, and romance.

4. Yellow and Indigo

A groomsman at a wedding wearing an indigo suit with a yellow tie.

OK, now here’s a color scheme for the people who like to party! In my opinion, yellow is a vastly underused color when it comes to wedding décor (full disclosure: my wedding colors were yellow and white). But yellow is such a bright, sunny shade that it’s a great choice for spring weddings. After all, this is one color that’s almost certain to put a smile on everyone’s face!

But how do you balance out such a bright, cheery tone? With accents of deep, rich indigo! Whether you opt for table runners or bridesmaid dresses, there are lots of fun ways to incorporate this bold hue into your wedding. And when these two colors get together, they create a happy, vivacious color palette that’s perfect for couples who want to live it up on their big day.

5. Gold and Mint

A wedding reception table decorate with gold accents and greenery.

This color scheme is a play on the coral and green we discussed earlier, only a little softer and a little more extra. By substituting the green with a light mint shade, you can evoke a sense of spring while sticking to a more understated look. However, the softness of the mint is really designed to let those gold accents shine!

Adding gold accents to your color palette is a great way to create a refined look that will have all your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Just remember to use a light touch with your gold elements. A few shining elements here and there adds class and elegance, but too much sends you into Trump Tower territory!

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