5 Touches to Make Your Wedding Casual and Fun

A bride and groom saying their vows overlooking  a river with a colorful ceremony arch.

Nowadays it can be tricky to keep your wedding day on the more fun and casual side. With so many formal weddings happening, how do you make it clear to your guests that you’d like your celebration to be more relaxed and less fancy? Here are some awesome touches to help keep your big day light, bright, and nothing but fun!

1. Start with the Stationary

Having a casual, fun vibe for your big day starts way before the day itself arrives. Make sure your save-the-date has a design that fits with the relaxed vibe you’re looking for to get people excited and on the same page as you for the main event. And, maybe even more importantly, use special touches on your wedding stationary to show your guests that you’re ready for everyone to show up and have a good time. Response cards can be an especially good place to show off this spirit, with casual language and fun response options for “yes” or “no,” guests will know they’re in for a blast before they even get past their mailbox! You can also utilize your wedding website to not only showcase the event you’re going for, but also explicitly state your expectations for things like dress code, which will help your guests understand the plan and level of formality (or lack thereof!) for the celebration.

2. Serve Fun Food

A bride and groom holding ice cream cones at their wedding.

There is almost no better way to keep your wedding casual and fun than to have food that just screams it! Consider using a unique caterer with comfort food options, such as your favorite local BBQ restaurant. Or, go for something a little more out-of-the-box like a food truck. Maybe you have traditional catering for your main meal, but you have interesting options for the cocktail hour. Another unique option is to fill your reception venue with a variety of fun snacks. This is the perfect day to really go wild and celebrate with all of your favorite things, from popcorn to cotton candy and pretzels or whatever you and your spouse-to-be love best!

3. Give Them a Sign

Figuring out the perfect decor for your upbeat, fun wedding might feel tricky. You want it to still make an impact on your guests, of course, but you also want to make sure it doesn’t feel too stuffy or formal. That’s where awesome signage can come in! Because signs are completely customizable, you can use whatever best suits you and your partner to really showcase the vibe you’re looking for.

Use the art or design of the signs to show the feel of your day (anything from neon or chalkboard to fabric to everything in between!), or you can choose unique or funny sayings to keep the tone clear. Obsessed with The Office? Use quotes from the show in place of standard “Seating,” “Dancing,” and “Dinner” signs. Love music? Quote some classic songs all around your venue. The possibilities are endless and can be a perfect way to keep the vibe of your big day going strong.

4. Switch up Your Seating

A lounge area at a wedding with vintage chairs and a sign that says

One great thing about a more casual wedding is that, without the need or desire for uniformity, you can really have a blast with seating options, particularly for the reception and cocktail hour. Especially if your wedding is taking place outdoors, you can use anything from picnic blankets and bales of hay to sofas, armchairs, and adirondacks all set up in different areas around your space. By creating different “pockets” of seating areas, guests can find the space and place that feels most comfortable to them, and can even move between different seating options throughout the evening, which will keep things casual and relaxed.

5. Offer Fun Guest Amenities

Aside from the more traditional favors for your big day, consider including small items to help keep your guests comfortable and in a good mood for the entire celebration. This includes little items where the intention is for the guests to use them immediately, as part of the fun and excitement of the day, rather than to take home and use later. Some ideas would be fun sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes for an outdoor wedding, colorful flip flops to encourage stepping out of their fancy shoes and into their dancing shoes, and even temporary tattoos in wedding themes, or just in something you and your partner love! Fun tokens like these keep the event light, silly, and so much fun!

There are many ways to make it clear to your guests that you really just want your wedding day to be a fun, casual, awesome celebration of love and family. Comment below if you have any other great ideas to add!

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