5 Ways to Incorporate Nature into Your Wedding

A wedding ceremony site in a forest with candles and a large floral wreath.

Nature is a beautiful thing. You know it, I know it—everybody knows it. We paint landscapes to capture its magnificence, we wear nature-inspired colors and patterns, we take long vacations with the express purpose of taking in the gorgeous scenery. Whether we’re hiking through a national park, getting some sun at the beach, or caring for a backyard garden, enjoying and appreciating nature is a classic part of the human experience.

All this adoration might explain why most couples are so eager to incorporate nature into their weddings. Newlyweds fill their wedding spaces with flowers, garlands, and other plant life, hoping their guests will be wowed by the beautiful venue. All this is well and good, but what if you want even more natural elements in your wedding? Here are a few ways you can give Mother Nature a special place on your big day.

1. Use Seed Paper Invitations

Even before you book the venue, hire the florist, or choose a color scheme, you can start to incorporate nature into your wedding day. How? With seed paper stationery. Seed paper is a kind of handmade paper infused with seeds from various plants, such as wildflowers. The paper is completely plantable; if you bury the paper in soil, the seeds will germinate, and the plants will sprout!

Seed paper is a great way to include nature in a part of your wedding that’s not always eco-friendly (all those paper products can be hard on the trees!). Not only will you be using a sustainable, reusable paper product, but your family and friends can also have some flowers in their garden to commemorate your special day. Just make sure they write down all the wedding-day details before planting!

2. Forage for Your Decor

A bride and her bridesmaids wearing green flower crowns.

When it comes to wedding decor, everyone has their own unique style. Some couples opt for whimsy with bright colors and mismatched furniture. Some choose a minimalist look with clean lines and a sparse color palette. If you’re planning a nature-inspired wedding, you’ve probably chosen a venue surrounded by flowers and trees. So, why not bring some of that beauty into your venue?

One way to make sure you use seasonal, local plant life in your wedding decorations is simply to find it at your venue. A day or two before your wedding, spend a few hours wandering your venue and looking for elements you’d like to include (with your venue’s permission, of course). Grab a few pine cones for your centerpieces. Pick a flower to wear in your hair (again, with the venue’s blessing). The possibilities are endless—and you’ll get to spend some time walking around in nature!

3. Add a Flowery Photo Op

A bride and groom in front of a flower photo wall.

Flowers are always a major part of a wedding ceremony. They’re in centerpieces, bouquets, and garlands that hang from the chandelier. Photos are also a huge part of the big day; we rent photo booths and pay photographers thousands of dollars to capture every moment of the ceremony and reception. What would you get if you combine the two?

If Kim and Kanye have taught us anything, it’s that every wedding deserves a massive wall of flowers. This trendy sculptural element will bring more flowers into your space and give your guests an upgraded place for their Instagram photos—everybody wins! Of course, we don’t all have a Kardashian budget for our nuptials, but there’s no reason you can’t have a stunning flower wall for your wedding. Some silk flowers and a little ingenuity can go a long way!

4. Give Green Wedding Favors

A collection of succulents as wedding favors.

Wedding favors can take many forms: they can be cute and kitschy, they can be connected to the couple and their love story, or they can be related to the wedding theme. And if you want to have a nature-inspired wedding, your favors are another opportunity to bring the great outdoors into your space! There are countless wedding favors you can give that bring together your love for your guests and your love of nature.

Give each guest a seed packet (or more seed paper) with your names and the wedding date printed on them. Provide your guests with a potted plant or, if too many of your friends have black thumbs, a succulent that’s hard to kill. Offer a bag of all-natural edible treats, like mixed nuts or cookies with edible flowers. These little favors will delight your guests while sticking to your nature theme.

5. Say “I Do” Outside

A bride and groom exchanging vows outside in nature with a river and fields in the background.

And now, we come to the easiest (and perhaps most obvious) way to incorporate nature into your wedding: get married outside! There are many outdoor venues available all over the world, from private gardens to national parks. Getting married in the great outdoors ensures that you have a gorgeous setting, lots of natural light (which looks lovely in photos), and tons of plant life everywhere you turn. Nothing could be better than that!

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