5 Creative Ways for Your Wedding Guests to Participate in Your Wedding

A guest fills the bride's glass with champagne as guests prepare for a toast

Are you looking for exciting ways to get your wedding guests involved in your big day? An invitation to attend your special occasion is amazing, in and of itself. However, being offered an opportunity to actively participate in your ceremony or reception can be extremely meaningful for both you and your attendees. Here are several great ways for your family and friends to participate in your wedding and help make your wedding day even more special.

1. Collaborative Recipe Book

Everyone loves tasty food and sweet treats! Why not ask all of your family and friends to contribute to a recipe book? A wedding recipe book is a great way to involve guests and create something meaningful for you and your spouse-to-be. It’s easy to request that each of your guests bring a copy of their favorite recipe. This request can be included in your invitation materials or prominently posted on your wedding website.

Kitchen tools and an open journal on the counter

Consider making it a goal to try at least one of the guest’s recipes every month until you’ve cycled through the entire book. Not only will you get to reflect on your ceremony, but also you’ll spend quality time cooking or baking. Plus, you get to enjoy eating delicious meals and deserts together afterward. This is particularly helpful if you’re less experienced in the kitchen.

2. Relationship Suggestion Box

Another way to get your guests involved in your wedding day is to create a relationship suggestion box. This can be a cardboard box, a blank book, or note cards, but the goal is the same: have everyone in attendance take a moment to write a relationship suggestion for you and your spouse-to-be. While your family and friends may not be love experts, that doesn’t mean their input won’t be helpful (or at least fun to read).

You can also ask for the kind of suggestions you want to be put into the box. Consider asking guests to offer fun date night ideas or advice about marriage. Take time to read through these suggestions after your ceremony and reread them periodically throughout your marriage.

Decorate a Holiday Tree

Whether you’re ceremony takes place in December or July, it’s never too early to begin thinking about the holidays. Like weddings, the holidays are times to treasure close family and friends. Consider asking your guests to help you decorate your future holiday tree by bringing an ornament as a gift. This is a beautiful way to involve your loved ones in your big day and every holiday season that follows.

If your wedding happens to take place near the holidays, incorporate a tree into your decorations. Your guests can place their ornaments on the tree as they enter, personalizing your event even further.

Favorite Photo Station

Do you love capturing memories in photographs? Consider asking each of your guests to bring a photo of themselves with you or your future spouse to display at the reception. Create a photo collage on a wall or construct a prominently placed picture board on a stand. After the reception, put the images in a photo book to keep them for a fun memory.

Wedding guests pose for a photo at a photo booth

You can make this activity even more exciting by bringing your favorite photo of each of your guests as well. This is a wonderful way to reminisce and inspire storytelling at your reception.

Interactive Guest Book

While having guests sign a book as they enter the wedding is traditional, it isn’t very creative. Aside from picking a book that shows your style as a couple or providing plenty of room for loved ones to write long messages, there’s a distinct lack of personalization with guest books. Instead, offer more opportunity for guest involvement, and create a more meaningful (and possibly more functional) keepsake by opting for an interactive guest book.

Wedding Quilt

Are you or someone you know familiar with quilting? If so, this presents the perfect opportunity to create an item that you and your spouse-to-be will treasure for the rest of your lives. Instead of having your guests sign a book, ask that they sign or write notes on precut fabric squares instead. These squares can later be made into a quilt that is used or displayed in your home. You could also choose fabrics that match your wedding colors!


Do you and your future spouse like playing games together? If you like Jenga, buy a copy of the game specifically for your wedding. As they enter the wedding, your guests can sign or write messages on individual blocks from the game. You’ll be able to enjoy seeing their names whenever you play the game for years to come.

A globe on a stand showing the continent of Africa

Adventure Globe

Love to travel? If you and your honey have plans to see the world, place a globe or a world map at the entrance to your wedding. Ask your family and friends to put a pin on a location they think you should visit: either a place that they’ve traveled to or a location they feel the two of you would enjoy.

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