5 Wedding Reception Bar Ideas the Groom Will Love

A group of men in suits holding cups of beer.

Many brides tend to take over the wedding-planning process, which is usually fine, as most grooms aren’t too keen on it, anyway. But whether the groom is or isn’t involved in wedding planning, he should feel acknowledged on the big day. One of the simplest ways to do that is with creative additions such as a male-oriented “bar” at the reception.

Usually, a bar specializes in something specific, such as craft beer or donuts. They can be self-catering or staffed. Most importantly, not only should they provide a treat, but they should also provide an experience. This doesn’t mean you should forgo the traditional alcohol-serving station. Instead, consider opening up a few additional specialist stations. To make your husband-to-be feel special, have a reception bar that centers around something he loves, and something his groomsmen and friends will enjoy, too. If you’re looking for some terrific ideas for a masculine reception bar, here are some popular suggestions.

1. Keep Everyone Happy with Beers on Tap

You’ll rarely find a guy who doesn’t like beer, so this idea will make every man at your wedding happy. There are many ways to approach this—feel free to mix and match. For example, you can purchase kegs that have various beers on tap so guests can sample every one. Alternatively, place different bottles in iced buckets for people to take at will. Limit it to craft beer for bonus points.

2. Level up With Whiskey or Scotch

If beer just isn’t the groom’s thing or you’re seeking something more stylish, choose a hard liquor instead. Whiskey, scotch, or bourbon are all ideal for a formal environment. People have also been known to host tequila tastings and make-your-own martini mixers. With hard liquor, you have the option to get very creative. You can make it more than a simple try and taste. You can also give guests the option to fix their own cocktails. To do this, pick a few simple recipes and provide the necessary additions and garnishes.

With both the beer or liquor bar, you can hire a person to guide the guests through each selection or activity for a more immersive experience. This can be useful if the bar involves a DIY activity. In addition, create a cozy lounge area specifically for guests attending that specific bar. Think red leather chairs or Mad Men-inspired decor. And don’t forget to provide a small souvenir, such as a tiny liquor bottle, for the guests to take home.

3. Light the Night up with a Cigar Bar

A man at a wedding holding a cigar and a cocktail glass.

A cigar bar goes well with any type of alcohol and can stand on its own as well. In fact, one of the most popular reception bar ideas for weddings is a whiskey and cigar bar. It’s safe to assume many people don’t know much about cigars, so this is one reception bar where having a knowledgeable staff member is important.

Because guests will likely want to enjoy their cigars then and there, make sure that your venue permits smoking and check out the smoking area ahead of time. No one wants to savor a stylish cigar in a loading zone next to noisy ventilation ducts!

4. Please Foodies with a Bacon or Potato Bar

A table at a wedding reception with a selection of meat on it.

If your man loves a good snack, why not go for a bacon bar? You might not believe it, but there are so many ways to serve bacon. You can smoke it, flavor it, or dip it. No matter which options you choose to sample, don’t forget to have one of the bacon samples dipped in chocolate. It’s a peculiar, but addictive, combination.

Alternatively, go for a potato bar. Admit it. Of all the vegetables in the world, the potato offers the most variety. You can have a baked potato, mashed potatoes, French fries, stuffed skins, chips, or many other options. Make sure to include a choice of flavorings and dips for guests to sample as well.

Other popular food-based bars for men include oyster or seafood bars for a luxurious ambiance or a popcorn bar for a more casual environment. If you’re adventurous, you can even host a BBQ station, but keep in mind that things can get messy. And if the groom has a sweet tooth, try a donut bar.

5. Help the Men Freshen up with a Bathroom Bar

If you’re looking for another way to keep your man in mind, put your feet in his shoes. Men don’t like to carry things around, but they do want to look good, especially at a fancy party. Therefore, it’s a lovely gesture to make sure that the male bathroom, as well as the female one, has all the go-to essentials such as deodorant, cologne, hair gel, beard wax, mints, and any other items you might think are useful. Since this isn’t really a “surprise” moment for your groom, ask him ahead of time what he thinks will be necessary to keep stocked in the bathroom for the men.

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