6 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks for a Wedding Reception

A selection of non-alcoholic drinks at a wedding reception.

While a well-stocked bar can certainly be a boozy fun time at your wedding, a good host knows that it’s important to add non-alcoholic options to your wedding reception’s drink menu. In fact, there are several reasons why you might forgo alcohol entirely and opt for a family-friendly selection of punches and mocktails. Alcohol is pricey, after all. Not to mention, an open bar can be quite chaotic. And with so many people opting for sober curiosity, you might be leaning toward the teetotaler side. Whatever your reasons might be, sober options needn’t be boring. Here are some fantastic ideas for delicious non-alcoholic drinks that your wedding guests will surely love.

1. Fruit-Infused Water

A selection of fruit-infused water at an outdoor wedding reception.

Serving up some H20 is always a good idea, especially at a summer wedding. Infuse a few large carafes or beverage dispensers with fruit and herbs. Everything from citrus and berries to mint will surely quench everyone’s thirst. Get creative!

2. Soda Station

Who doesn’t like a crisp sip of soda on a hot day? Creating a soda station with buckets of ice filled with bottles of soda rather than cans is an aesthetic option (bonus if you can find vintage bottles). Include biodegradable straws and mason jars if you can’t find bottles.

3. Punch it Up

A mocktail in a glass dispenser at an outdoor wedding reception.

Punches are wildly popular among kids and grownups alike. Having more than one option on hand is a good way to make sure that people will be more satisfied. Add lemonade concentrate with club soda and a non-alcoholic sparkling cider to one. A favorite go-to is cranberry juice with orange juice. And don’t forget to creative with the bowls! Adding a few slices of lemon, orange, and berries will really “punch” up the bowls.

4. Make it a Mocktail

Mocktails don’t have to be blah. In fact, they can be just as tasty (if not more so) than their boozy counterparts. Try a Shirley Ginger, which is a mix of a ginger and/or root beer with a splash of club soda and lime juice, and few shots of Grenadine. Go for a virgin margarita by adding watermelon juice with lime juice, splashing it with sparkling water, and salting the rim of the glass. P.S. Don’t forget to dress up your mocktails with maraschino cherries and pinwheels of orange and lemon slices.

5. Afternoon Tea

A bride and groom enjoying a cup of tea at their wedding.

The coffee and tea station doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re hosting an afternoon wedding, try a simple menu with a variety of teas from herbals to caffeinated and non-caffeinated options. Play it up with having authentic loose leave teas as well as some scones and biscuits to go on the side.

6. Coffee Talk

Everyone loves coffee, but why is it that not a lot of people drink it at a wedding? Mainly because it’s usually boring, tasteless drip coffee. If you’re going to present more sober options, you might as well splurge a little on good, organic black coffee. While you’re at it, opt for a steamed milk option if possible so people can treat themselves to lattes and cappuccinos. If you’re opting for a coffee station, another good idea is to include a carafe of hot water and packets of hot chocolate. This way, people can prepare their own mochas or opt for a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Whipped cream is a must, too!

Including non-alcoholic drinks to your wedding reception is crucial, but like the examples above prove, non-boozy doesn’t have to mean boring. With a little ingenuity along with a number of options, you can definitely please guests of all ages and all preferences. In fact, you might want to make your entire wedding non-alcoholic. You certainly won’t be without taste or choice if you do!

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