6 Reasons Why a Hotel Wedding May Be the Best Ever

A bride and groom dancing at their hotel ballroom wedding.

One of the toughest decisions to make when planning your wedding is the venue. The venue is what sets the tone and the aesthetics for the evening. (And let’s not forget—it will also largely determine what the rest of your budget will look like.)

Although dreamy outdoor weddings and picturesque destination weddings have been gaining steam the last several years, there’s still something that we love about a wedding in a classic hotel ballroom. Still unsure of where you’d like to celebrate your nuptials? Here are just a few reasons why we’re always going to love a hotel wedding.

1. You’ll Have Everything all Under One Roof

If you book your wedding in a large hotel, you’ll have plenty of room options to choose from for the ceremony and the reception—meaning that you won’t have to ask your guests to get in their cars and travel from one venue to the next.

Having your wedding in a hotel is incredibly convenient not only because you’ll have the space to have both the ceremony and reception, but also because you’ll have space to get ready, store your bags, and be about a two-minute walk from everything you need.

2. You Can Quickly Check off Your To-Do List

A group of caterers setting up reception tables at a hotel wedding.

The most time-consuming process of wedding planning is determining all of your vendors and coordinating them. With a hotel wedding, it’s likely that you can get a lot of your common wedding services all under one roof—like catering, flowers, a bartender, and in some cases even a DJ.

When you’re looking into hotel venues for your wedding, ask the coordinator what kind of packages they offer and whether that includes food, drinks, or other services that you’d need on the big day. If the hotel itself doesn’t offer the services, it’s likely that they have a list of preferred vendors they work with, so your work will at least be cut in half.

3. You’ll Have an On-Site Wedding Planner

At many hotels, they offer an on-site wedding planner to help you coordinate your vendors, get the room set up, organize the cleanup afterwards, and check in with you throughout the day to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t take this service for granted—wedding planners can get pricey and they are worth their weight in gold.

When you’re checking into venues, ask how involved their on-site wedding planner is with their brides and grooms and if it’s possible to pay for additional services as needed. If you plan on using your own wedding coordinator, you’ll also want to inquire about how the two of you can work together leading up to the event and on the day of the wedding.

4. It’s Fancy!

A bride sitting in a fancy hotel lobby.

There’s a reason why hotel ballrooms are the “standard” in wedding venues—because they give off a certain vibe of elegance. Hotel ballrooms and event spaces are also typically neutral enough that they can also be transformed into any kind of theme or aesthetic that you’d like to have in your ceremony.

Older hotel rooms specifically have that charm and character that you don’t see in a lot of modern-day wedding venues, giving you a Gatsby-ish or mid-century Mad Men vibes that’s hard to recreate.

5. Your Guests Can all Lodge in One Spot

Another pro for a hotel wedding is that all your out-of-town guests can be in one spot—versus booking vacation houses or hotel rooms all over the city. The entire weekend will be filled with opportunities to visit with your friends and family all in one room (which, let’s be honest, will probably be the hotel bar). Bonus: You don’t have to worry about your guests getting home safely at the end of the night because their rooms will be a short elevator ride away.

6. You Can Keep the Party Going After the Wedding

People toasting with champagne at a wedding after-party.

Some couples are so exhausted by their wedding that they can’t wait to retire to their honeymoon suite to unwind and spend quality alone time—while others want to spend as much time as they can with their out-of-town guests and friends, often extending the party well into the early morning hours.

When you book your wedding at a hotel, it’s possible to keep the party going at the hotel bar or even organize an after-party in someone’s hotel suite—complete with music, food, and more cocktails. Just be sure to separate your rowdy party guests away from any families or older guests so that they can easily get some shut-eye after your reception.

Also, check with the hotel to see what kinds of services they can provide once they start cleaning up the hotel ballroom. They may have packages available for those couples and their friends who are dying to stretch the party beyond last call at the hotel bar.

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