6 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Wedding

A bride and groom walking through a lavender field at their wedding.

When looking at ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day, there are few choices as gorgeous as lavender. Not only is the soft purple shade totally stunning, but it can add a romantic, rustic, oe natural feel to your space. And, as anyone can attest, the scent is unmatched. For years, people have been using the scent of lavender to produce feelings of calm and peace, and what would be better than that to accompany your wedding day? Not only does the presence of lavender bring calm vibes, but it is also a symbol of joy and devotion, so you can feel good about including it in such an important day.

1. Create Bouquets and Boutonnieres

A bride wearing a lace dress and holding a bouquet of lavender next to her groom who's wearing suspenders.

The most obvious way to use lavender in your wedding is, well, as a flower. Lavender looks gorgeous in a bouquet; it can be mixed in with other flowers or even used alone as a stunning statement piece. And this isn’t just for the bride’s bouquet, either—lavender works well for anyone who carries flowers in the wedding. (If you’d prefer to utilize even more of lavender’s soft romantic qualities, you can make an amazing flower crown with it!)

Don’t worry—there are plenty of options for men to use lavender in the wedding as well. Sprigs of this flower look amazing in boutonnieres, either alone as a pop of color or paired beautifully with succulents for a gorgeous, natural look. And why should adults have all the fun? You could even have the flower girl toss dried lavender buds out of her basket instead of roses to fill your entire space with the calming aroma right before you walk down the aisle.

2. Decorate the Ceremony and Reception

Since it has a distinct and beautiful look, lavender is often a great choice for decorating ceremony and reception venues as well. Line the aisle with baskets of lavender bunches on the ground or sprigs of lavender attached to the innermost chairs for a beautiful pathway. Or, if you want to pack an even bigger punch, include the blooms in a floral wreath right at the altar (you’ll be grateful to smell those calming scents if you get nervous in front of lots of people!). Lavender can be used for a myriad of purposes as reception decor on tables as centerpieces or as garnishes on place settings. You could even hang lavender wreaths around your reception venue for a gorgeous, serene touch.

3. Infuse and Decorate Desserts and Drinks

A white cake at a wedding reception infused and decorated with lavender flowers.

Lavender is known to be an extremely decadent addition to food and drinks. If you’re having a signature drink at your wedding reception, adding a garnish of lavender in your cocktail makes for a photo-worthy pop of fun. Sprigs of lavender also make amazing aesthetic additions to other tasty treats like platters of cookies or naked cakes for that rustic look, but it’s not just for aesthetic appeal—the flavor or scent of lavender itself can be infused into a variety of desserts. Or, since it’s often infused into sugar to add the unique flavor, you can have some lavender-infused syrup available for people to add as desired to tea, coffee, or other drinks.

4. Scent the Air for Relaxation

As we just said, fresh or dried lavender will, of course, cause your wedding to have an amazing scent, but even lavender scented candles or essential oil diffusers and lavender oil will give a serene feel to your entire celebration. If you don’t have the space or can’t find any diffusers or candles that fit your wedding aesthetic, ask your planner to spray some lavender-infused room spray all around your ceremony or reception venue for an instantly gorgeous scent that will bring your guests a feeling of calm for the evening.

5. Accent Wedding Favors

Paper cones filled with lavender flowers as wedding favors.

There are so many great ways to include lavender into wedding favors for your guests. If you’d like to go with something edible, culinary-grade lavender or lavender-infused sugar or honey are great options. You could also choose something classic such as lavender sachets for freshening up drawers and linen closets. For a favor that will pamper your guests, soap with lavender sprigs inside or lavender-infused room sprays are both great options. You could also include any of these items as part of a welcome bag or basket, for a calming start to your wedding festivities.

6. Throw in Lieu of Rice for a Romantic Exit

We mentioned earlier the option for your flower girl to use lavender instead of other flower petals, but what if you brought the lavender-tossing to an even higher level and got all of your guests involved? It’s well-known by now that throwing rice at a wedding can be difficult on the environment and animals in an area, but what if you gave your guests pouches of lavender buds to throw as you exited your ceremony? The little buds will make a big impact for your photos, and will leave you and your partner walking into the best smelling exit of all time!

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