6 Wedding Favors That Won’t Create Clutter

A collection of small honey bottles as wedding favors.

Wedding favors can be a fun way to show people that you appreciate their presence at your wedding. However, in an attempt to create meaningful little gifts, some brides and grooms inadvertently create an item that many guests aren’t sure what to do with after the wedding is over. One of the best ways to make sure your favors are well-received is to make sure they won’t just be thrown in the junk drawer when your loved one arrives home. Here are some ideas for meaningful, useful wedding favors that any wedding guest would be happy to receive!

1. Local Food Products

A table set for a wedding with citrus as a wedding favor at each setting.

One of the nicest ways to use your favor is to showcase something special about the local cuisine from your area. Perhaps your wedding is in Canada, and you can give away miniature bottles of delicious maple syrup. Or maybe your wedding is in California and you can place an avocado on each wedding guests’ table setting. Who wouldn’t love to receive a bottle of the famous local barbecue sauce at a Texas wedding? Food items have a fairly high value to many people, and once they’re used up, they certainly won’t be creating any clutter around your wedding guests’ homes. What’s even better is that should some favors be left over, you aren’t stuck with a pile of Koozies or mini picture frames; you can use the food products yourself over time and have just as many good memories associated with them as your guests will.

2. Useful Home Items

This can be a little hard to predict, but if you really want to get personalized favors for your wedding, consider items that are “useful” and may need replacing by your guests such as playing cards or bottle openers. The focus here is to offer something that people will want to have around in case they need it. Most people benefit from having more than one bottle opener in their kitchen or an extra stack of playing cards for a rainy day. Just keep in mind that if people happen to not take this favor home with them, you may be stuck with a big pile of playing cards.

3. Plants or Seeds

A tray of flower seed packets as wedding favors.

While succulents or tiny cacti planted in terracotta pots have been a popular option lately, you can go even simpler and still delight your guests. Create your own seed packets that guests can plant once they get home. This is an especially good no-clutter wedding favor because you have space on the seed packet to personalize it however you want, just like some of the more clutter-prone favors.

A quick way to throw this wedding favor together yourself is to buy some bulk wildflower seeds, small envelopes, and printable sticker sheets. Design a sticker on your computer for your seeds that contains information about growing the plants, but also a cute reference to your wedding such as “Love Grows.” (You could also include your wedding date, wedding hashtag, or a simple thank you message.) Then, dispense the seeds into the envelopes, sealing them and affixing the stickers. This wedding favor has the added bonus of taking up very little space at the wedding itself.

4. Home-Baked Sweets

If you’re a good baker, creating homemade treats for your wedding favors is one of the cheaper options for a useful wedding favor. (But if you don’t want to bake 150 cookies yourself, you can also hire a local professional baker to get the job done!) Think outside the realm of the cookie if you want to get really creative; how about chocolate dipped pretzels, caramel popcorn, or a brownie? Wrapping food items individually is best rather than having everyone serve themselves. If you add a little tag and a ribbon bow, people are likely to grab a sweet for the road.

5. Custom-Labeled Mini Wine or Liquor Bottles

A collection of small liquor bottles with bows on the top as wedding favors.

While many weddings offer free-flowing beer and wine during the event, one way to get an after-party started is with a cute little bottle of wine or liquor, especially if you replace the label with something customized that celebrates your wedding. Even those who don’t drink alcohol will probably grab a favor like this when it can be offered to someone else later on. You can also rest assured that your wedding guests will enjoy the adult beverage and then recycle the bottle, removing the possibility of a well-meaning keepsake becoming clutter in their homes.

6. Condiments and Spices

Whether you get little salt and pepper shakers, a custom barbecue spice rub, or some personalized hot sauce, condiments and spices check every box for no-clutter wedding favors: they are useful, small and easily portable, and they pack a major punch when you need them. Spices are a nice choice because they can flavor a meal and give people an experience that is connected to your special day. You can’t get a favor more flavorful than that!

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